You all know about laser marking hardware products?

by:cycjet     2020-08-11
You all know about laser marking hardware products? Today, no matter what product needs to be, before they go out in the product it the name of the company, anti-counterfeiting labels, bar code, serial number, production date, instructions and other key information, that can help the factory management, market supervision, also can effectively increase the brand awareness of their own. Hardware products belong to the metal, however, material is harder, processing finished product surface is very smooth, ordinary ink filters are not enough, then the hardware products to how to dress up? That is about to use laser marking machine, laser marking function quickly form logo on metal products, and marking speed, can realize mass production assembly line. In our real life, almost every family has hardware products, it is a tool which is closely linked with our life. But now the product is not as before, durable, now the products under the premise of durable also and beautiful, as the saying goes 'three seven points looks still depends on dress'. The same can also be used in the old saying, metal products, carry on the processing and how it can be dressed up? This is a difficult problem. Intervention and laser marking machine, the perfect solved the problem, laser marking machine is a leading way of precision machining, compared with the traditional manual, old equipment, laser marking machine, particularly obvious advantages, such as: the operation is simple and flexible, don't need to random marking character, mold design, anti-fake label, bar code, product code, corporate LOGO, etc. , also can quickly remove the surface of the burr. Laser marking machine marking speed, can realize the mass production line, high production efficiency, can be a forming, don't need a secondary processing, target identification is permanent is not easy to kill. Laser marking is suitable for the high smoothness, fine, depth and the requirements of the field, iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal laser marking machine can be used. And laser marking machine marking on stainless steel can also be divided into two kinds, one kind is ordinary marking, another is to make the black, I can through the laser frequency, marking speed adjustment to realize the route marked different colors, and don't need any paint. Laser marking machine operation is simple, as long as can use everyday computer, make a little training can independent operation, the laser marking is controlled by computer, the design, fonts can be arbitrarily set, can make anything you want a personalized product design, and use a long time, free maintenance.
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