Wine industry anti-counterfeiting 'weapon' laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-10
Beer, it is indispensable to our life a kind of drink, is simply a happy occasion, beer can promote the blood circulation. Beer contains alcohol and alcohol good for activation of blood vessels. Beer is very popular in China, the demand for special. So all kinds of fake brand beer first appeared, the beer market, to the enterprise, have caused great damage to people. What about how to solve this phenomenon, each big wine companies have started to move, and laser marking machine is the most wise choice wine companies. In beer bottle, bottle, cap and wine companies will be in the above basic information on products, production of everyday so that consumers view. But because the former marker technique is easy to wipe, easy to tamper with, so wine is so rampant. Processing speed is very fast, and beer industry processing environment is wet, so the requirement of processing is extremely high. Both the bottle and cap and need to be very tough conditions. But with the development of laser technology, automation level of ascension, and laser equipment to blossom in liquor field gradually, its superior performance, has gradually replaced the traditional machining method. Laser marking out the pattern, character is permanent, not easy to wear, can't wipe, and very clear, qr code can be read rate is as high as 99 or more. 99%. Use laser marking technology on each bottle top marking code, manufacturer information, products, raw materials, product production date, etc. , and beer system access to the database. Both to monitor the number and quality of products, can also query and monitoring products are flow, so as to effectively control the circulation of fake products, the protection of the rights of the brand and reputation is not damaged. People liters laser in order to make products to achieve better effect, specially designed for drinks laser application a set of solutions, the company's optical fiber laser marking machine can meet the end of metal bottle caps, glass bottle, the bottle of marking. Can also be mentioning fully automated assembly line production to further improve the production efficiency, and the raising of the laser laser marking machine has been applied in many domestic famous liquor enterprise. The advantages of laser marking machine, marking machine speed, high precision, clear marking design text, fonts can be designed, not easy to wear, do not wipe, can automatic up-down material, high-speed marking and traceability system. Wear and tear of the laser processing of optical fiber laser marking machine adopts contact way, anti-counterfeiting performance is strong, the laser mark barcode information was clear and beautiful, permanent good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to erase, can effectively prevent market channeling goods, and can realize the entire journey back through the qr code traceability system, can effectively strengthen supervision. The food security has always been a trial to us, with the development of laser equipment and is widely used, I believe that the generic, fake substandard food and drinks will be rid of without exercise.
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