Will YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL become an OBM in future?
As SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has not fully promoted our brand yet, we trust our capability to learn from other enterprises in the field of promotion and marketing. On the foundation of the finest product quality thanks to our state-of-art techniques and advanced equipment, we offer premium services in the while including packaging, on-time delivery, warranty. They are all provided by our considerate after-sales service staff. With so many conditions met, we are confident to create a well-know brand and gradually head towards being an OBM.

Having established ourselves as the national leading laser coding equipment manufacturing provider, YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL gains a reputation through extensive experience. The inkjet coding machines is one of the main products of YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL. cycjet laser marking system stands out in the market thanks to its humanized design. It is created based on the combined concept of features of human cleaning action and maneuverability. The product supports long message editing, which meets production needs. The product offers a high level of acoustic integrity and simplicity of movement, which is the perfect choice for an economical, practical and elegant space division. It can be used to mark on materials of paper, plastics, metal, wood, etc.

YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL aims to provide customers with high-performance, professional and agile services. Inquire online!
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