Widely used co2 laser marking machine and power is not stable

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
CO2 laser marking machine is to use a laser beam according to user requirements, the material laying a never degradation product or commodity mark in the surface, by CO2 laser marking machine marking out the effect is mainly laser through material surface evaporation, by marking material of the deep, to show the beauty of the design, delicate trademark, clear date, LOGO, or fine words, for now, CO2 laser marking machine mainly used in some commonly to require more pure and fine and higher precision marking, food medicine, drinks, electronic circuit, electric power, communications, construction materials and PVC pipe etc, CO2 laser marking machine compared with ordinary common spurt the code machine, its advantage is that without consumables, and maintain the permanent marking. CO2 laser marking machine is by CO2 gas as working medium, together with other auxiliary gases on the electrode on the discharge pipe pressure, let hair glow discharge tube release energy, until the gas emission wavelength is 10. 64 um laser, the laser energy continuously enlarge, after focusing, under the numerical control system, according to user requirements, to lay a graphic, tag line laser marking machine or Numbers. In family of CO2 laser marking machine, there's a rf CO2 laser marking machine, its experimental life is very long, work fast, fine marking marking line is clear, suitable for sanda or batch marking, it can help to improve the production efficiency of oil, but CO2 laser marking machine's main product categories or cross flow and axial flow laser both types of marking machine. Out of laser marking machine: transverse laser marking machine laser beam quality is not good, it is mainly used in heat treatment or welding operation, and the axial flow laser marking machine laser beam quality is relatively good, it is mainly used in laser cutting or welding, however, domestic axial flow laser marking machine production, its main parts will have to rely on import, the user purchase cost is relatively high. Using CO2 laser marking machine need to pay attention to maintenance, cannot be used in damp environment CO2 laser marking machine, when the weather is put on some unknown reasons, immediately shut down, for maintenance, troubleshooting rear can continue to use, the investment under the condition of low current supply, the longest can be one-time continuous work half a day or so, but in the large current supply environment, one-time use ultraviolet laser marking machine to shorten the time, in order to protect the service life of it should be. Using CO2 laser marking machine must pay attention to line connection, can't forget chassis ground installation, the connection power is single phase 3 line, must not connecting, equipment light arm joints in downtime don't work, to put it in a drying oven, in order to prevent the lens mould, affect normal use of equipment, maintenance of CO2 laser marking machine, power must be under the circumstances, and give high voltage discharge first, to ensure the absolute safety factor of maintenance. CO2 laser marking machine marking effect is good, decided to its market value, medical paper packaging, and glass packaging require it to marking, cosmetics, paper box, glass bottles and plastic boxes, and use it to marking, the area of tobacco packaging barcode is also its work, food, drink or beverage packaging, clothing textiles, electronics product certification marks, chemical products, building materials labeling, etc. , is the masterpiece of CO2 laser marking machine, all kinds of goods manufacturer LOGO sign text messages are also completed by CO2 laser marking machine marking, on marking machine equipment, CO2 laser marking optical fiber laser marking machine machine superior performance is the traditional printing machine can not be replaced by good laser equipment. Understand simple laser marking machine power decrease problem and corresponding solution, is the enterprise of CO2 laser marking machine maintenance personnel must have skills, more reasonable operation specification, is a guarantee of manufacture excellent products, hope that through our interpretation, can bring help for your business, we also hope to more enterprises to excellent laser marking machine solutions to a series of services, laser marking machine belongs to the professional industrial processing equipment, using a long time, easy to appear some unexpected situation, for example, many users find the power of the laser marking machine is not stable, below is a common cause of laser marking machine power is not stable:. 1. Marking too fast. Solution: appropriate marking a little slower. 2. Laser power supply voltage drop, resulting in a decline in the laser output power. Solution: need to change the power supply. 3. Light path system is not accurate. Solution a: adjust the laser. Solution 2: adjust the position of beam expander, incident light in the center of the beam expander in light hole, emergent light in the center of the light hole. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266 http: / / www。 szmslaser。 com/。 、
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