Why the optical fiber laser marking opportunity so popular?

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
Why the optical fiber laser marking opportunity so popular? Optical fiber laser marking machine is now the most widely use scope has been laser equipment, because the technology is mature, stable performance and preferential price comparison and processing speed, mark surface smooth level off, without further processing, small deformation, high machining accuracy, repeatability, no burr, etc, and can also edit any graphics complete tag, also can greatly reduce the processing cost of the company. Optical fiber laser marking machine has) has been used in the industry, and the applicable industry is very broad. Optical fiber laser marking machine industry, auto machinery industry: 1 steel bushing, bearing, piston ring, engine, vehicle signs and machine tools; 2, electronic communications industry, mobile phone, keyboard, electronic components, electrical appliances panel, fiber optic cable, cable, etc. ; 3, hardware equipment industry: tools, measuring tool, cutting tool, tableware, lock, knives, scissors, sanitary ware, medical equipment, fitness equipment, stainless steel products, lighting, etc. ; 4, buckle the sign industry: buttons, bags buckle, belt buckle, gold and silver ornaments, signs, badges, attendance card, business card, photo, leather bags, belts, pen and pencil box, collections, works of art, etc; 5, instrument glasses industry, metal case, the bottom of the table, glass frame, instrument panel, etc; 6, packaging caps industry: tobacco, medicines, food, cosmetics and so packaging, metal bottle caps, furniture decoration, buckle signs, plastic products. 7, the depth, smoothness and high precision requirements, such as clocks and watches, mould industry, mobile phone motherboard qr code marking etc. Jewelry and hardware equipment, laser marking, laser marking, electronic electric lamp is acted the role of laser marking, laser marking is applied more widely, even there are many stores began on eggs for laser marking, visible optical fiber laser marking machine how popular with people, and the function of optical fiber laser marking identified material range is more extensive, metal, non-metallic materials can be laser marking machine. Along with our country market economy fast development, people's living standards greatly improved, people also more and more high to the requirement of daily necessities, so manufacturers processing requirements of the process is also more and more high, and laser marking technology as the leading high technology and new technology, has always been a national key technology, in today's China played an important role in manufacturing industry, compared with the traditional processing technology, optical fiber laser marking machine is to use computer operation, the operation is simple and convenient, can meet various products, customized processing, and can realize assembly line production. There may be some people don't know, laser marking, but laser marking machine products almost in every corner of our lives, we are the most important thing in life, to provide for '' has the figure of the laser marking machine, now there are a lot of people buy a laser marking machine in the market or street do private custom gifts, we are living in the most common type of laser marking machine work, such as: hardware products, household appliances, mobile phones, food and pharmaceutical packaging, beverage bottle, school supplies, clothing shoes package has the figure of the laser. Laser marking machine with its unique technology, can make the products more exquisite high-end. Although there are a lot of people don't know in real life or laser marking machine, but the laser undoubtedly has become a part of our daily life, can be seen everywhere in our life of laser marking products, such as: the most commonly used mobile phone, hardware products, electrical appliances, jewelry, and even clothes pants shoes have the shadow of the laser. Laser marking has unique technology, can make products become more delicate and beautiful. Now laser technology in China has reached world-class level, but in the field of some features and high-end laser equipment and intelligent, automation, there is still a big gap between the above, the future to shorten the gap with foreign laser enterprise, meet the needs of domestic manufacturing, our a lot of laser enterprises began to expand in this aspect, such as: laser micro processing, laser processing, picosecond laser processing, special material processing and so on have made great breakthroughs, believe that the domestic laser equipment to replace imported laser equipment when not far away.
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