Why the laser marking machine in the food industry is so important?

by:cycjet     2020-07-25
Our daily life is more common to print production date information such as the item is a food packaging, we can know from the print of the packaging information service life of products, production, food contains ingredients, storage conditions, etc. In the past most of these information is to use inkjet printers, can easily be changed after it has been erased, cannot have a good anti-counterfeiting effect. So now, the food industry USES the traditional ink printing machine very serious problems. Why the laser marking machine in the food industry is so important? Specific as follows: 1, spurt the code machine ink jet on the food bag and packaging production date on the bottle off easily, especially on the greasy food bag, some ink printing machine word of spray by hand a will rub off. 2, due to spurt the code machine ink jet on the bags and packaging production date on the bottle is easy to drop, part of the delinquents to drill the holes, it is to go to the supermarket with alcohol to wipe away the production date, then find the manufacturer claims, this kind of circumstance is manufacturers have bitterness could not say, tell a prospective. 3, cannot prevent series goods, because production date and region coding can change. 4 directly to change the date of production, the illegal businessmen liters laser in view of the above situation to launch laser marking machine instead of ink printing machine, because the principle of laser marking machine is: the principle is to use a laser beam in different kinds of material surface in permanent marker. Play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, either light energy caused by surface physical chemistry and traces' carved out of a physical change or light energy to burn, by part of the material, show the etching patterns and text. Especially in the food industry, and then need not but heart traditional ink printing machine spray in food packaging production date, don't again but do heart some evil brush manufacturer's fined resulted from the production date, no adverse effects vendor change production date but heart corporate image, by laser marking for consumers to purchase and improve the enterprise product sales, laser printing not wipe off string of goods need not but heart goods again, at the same time the laser marking is one-time investment, no supplies, people liters laser using laser life 100000 hours, 24 hours can be run at full capacity, can well meet the needs of mass production and processing enterprises;
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