Why people up information: ultraviolet laser marking machine called cold have those advantages

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
People up information: why called cold uv laser marking machine has the advantages of ultraviolet laser marking machine for laser marking machine series is one of the products, also is a kind of new developed laser processing techniques, because of the traditional laser marking pause using laser is hot working skill, bereft of the progress in fine degree of space has no restrictive, but ultraviolet laser marking is issued with a cold, so in fine degree, heat affected the lowest below, is a big cavort laser technique. Uv laser processing become cold, is due to the high molecular ultraviolet photons, indirect perhaps the demand for processing of metal nonmetal material molecules to make it from below, but this is out of attracted molecules with material separation, such tasks to heat will not attack, because it won't attack mission to heat and uv laser processing method became cold, it's origin, also with the difference between traditional laser. In cold working under the basis of the function of processing product materials will lose better, better, the use of cold laser processing, the material influence the probability of down to one percent, so use the advantages of its processing lost all, also is a big step forward laser technique, confidence in the future under the laser market, the use of ultraviolet laser will gradually spread. In recent years, with the swiftness of laser technique, laser technique in different range of use of lost gradually expand, widely used in many aspects of now processing, the common processing method not only dealt with now, processing a lot of problems, are now processing with more can is proposed. The ultraviolet laser marking machine in the processing and what are the disadvantages? Uv laser marking vendors would give everyone again interpreted these processing disadvantage. 1. Ultraviolet laser gathered, together with a smaller heat affected zone, so the processing time, will not affect the symbol on the surface of the surrounding material, fine laser beam are now also good fine process requirements, and scope of special processing requirements, is nowadays symbol higher range of choice for customers. 2. Ultraviolet laser marking machine applicability is wide and can stop the intensification of symbols of large local material, processing speed, high efficiency, good parts of volatility, mass produced and flow process can be gratified, is now fine process range of unable to assistant.
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