Why people up information: laser marking machine can replace ink printing machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-01
Laser marking machine engraving is a cannot erase the mark sex symbol, it is after laser indirect on surfaces for gasification, part without rely on anything for the naked eye, facilitate consumer recognition, and no consumables, maintenance more convenient. Laser marking machine has broken the traditional ink printing craft standard and oneness, invented a new code method, highlights the characteristics of the product and brand difference, improve the product in the increasingly fierce market competition ability, to extend the product promotion and upgrading cycle together, flexible production supply the weakness. With electronic arts from time to time, laser machine and accounting skills inorganic unifies in together, in accounting machine programming, users only need to complete laser marking input, it can also be together on several kinds of materials or irregular convex concave onto the surface of a clear identity, with 'a double standard' or 'place logo' work together, not easy to copy. The beam of laser can be a very fine, on the surface of the material, the line width can reach 0. 1 mm for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting founding a broader space. Not only can play like text, graphics, drawings, pervious to light buttons, trademark design, bar code, the qr code, the product serial number, signature, etc. , all show the graphics and text on the screen now can play on the surface of the material that specify immediately. Laser marking can also improve the product the appearance of the abstract and brand effect, strengthen the market competitiveness of products. Laser marking machine to play the function of the random code or anti-counterfeiting code, still can make a bottle of wine or a small JiuPingGai has a separate coding, indirect identification, hurtling is simple, but also will be the price, promotion information such as spray printing on the wine packaging, can be useful for manipulation of the selling price of the wine, prevent market firm. High quality laser marking machine also can be in different raw material of packaging ( Such as: bottles, bottle caps, etc. ) On the clear print all kinds of information such as the graphics, text, Numbers, do not apply; Special mark (printed on the product or packaging Graphics, text, code) Special function, or use a laser target, useful to prevent fake fake product circulation and inter-district sales, looted products; Number printed on the product packaging and carton packaging, bar code, sent to information, such as connecting database together bits and pieces, but also can complete to tracking and inter-district dealers sell query to follow, to ensure the legitimate interests of manufacturers.
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