Why need the advertising industry in a new era of Metal laser cutting machine 】 To drive

by:cycjet     2020-08-09
Advertising, this is the contact of people's lives more, advertising is almost everywhere in modern society, whether at home or outside. Buy all kinds of home supplies at home have advertising slogans, bus stop on the road, street, shops everywhere is advertising. Advertising is a consumption industry with great potential, and application of thin metal in advertising is to become the focus of attention. The road signs, street signs on the road, for example, it is made of thin metal, seems it was just a simple sign, but it is also been billboard. Billboards are use sheet metal production, but there will be a lot of defects with the traditional cutting method, want to low precision, tool wear and waste material is more problems. So, a new technology - - - - - - - Because metal laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, caused the advertising creation of a new era. High precision metal laser cutting machine, cutting speed, less waste, cut surface is smooth, the basic need for secondary processing, increase production efficiency at the same time also can save cost. Advertising light box combines the advantages of the neon lights in one, can effectively improve the people's visual impact, so as to achieve good publicity effect. Optical fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for iron, stainless steel, titanium, copper and other advertising commonly used thin metal material processing, advertising light box after laser cutting metal plate can be directly spray welding is used, no secondary processing. Advertising is an imagination, creativity is very rich in industry, from advertising text, graph, and the shape of a thin metal plate, color are sophisticated design, the process presented in front of the crowd, and these will need to use metal laser cutting machine. People liters laser metal laser cutting machine of high efficiency, high quality, high degree of automation, suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials of professional cutting, sheet metal processing for advertising industry to provide strong technical support. Special laser equipment is can according to customer requirements, processing of different products. With drawings, can through the computer control, immediately make good samples, greatly improve the product processing of flexibility. In addition, the laser processing material consumption, the working environment clean, can help enterprises to save costs, improve production efficiency. The emergence of laser equipment, no doubt, to the advertising industry has injected new vitality. Using laser equipment enterprises more and more, this is a kind of trend of The Times, the laser set in the near future will completely replace the traditional processing technology, if we do not choose to keep pace with The Times, then may be eliminated in the long river of history, look to the future, the enterprise can have greater development.
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