Why 'analysis' optical fiber laser marking machine heart so powerful

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
With the advent of the era of fiber laser, laser equipment industry has begun to gradually transition to a fiber optic equipment by semiconductor equipment and compared with the original laser fiber lasers with high beam quality, easy to cooling, strong stability, high reliability, low maintenance cost and long service life, etc. Laser marking technology belongs to a kind of non-contact way of marking. With the traditional processing way ( Mechanical cutter, etc. ) It has many incomparable advantages compared to. If it USES computer control technology, high efficiency, fast; Laser fine score, can mark on the surface of various materials and durability is very good; With laser engraving of the anti-counterfeit effect is good, and so on. Its superior performance characteristics makes fiber laser equipment processing tool in the field of modern industry, and in many fields has replaced the original solid and gas laser, for many provides more professional in the field of laser solutions. Fiber laser is in the original added a rare earth ions on the optical fiber core, using optical fiber as the gain of the mixed rare earth elements, doped optical fiber fixed form cavity between two mirrors, when the pump into optical fiber, optical fiber in the mixed rare earth ions will absorb pump, the inside of the electronic will jump under the excitation of the pump to the higher laser level. The reversal of the Numbers of ions is realized, the particles after inversion will be transferred to the ground state in the form of radiation, thereby losing to laser, this makes the fiber laser, now completely closed the light path in the optical fiber waveguide. Don't need additional isolation measures can sui generis, cut off contact with the external environment. Once completed, thus ensure the light path inside the link structure and concrete parameters will remain stable for a long time. So in actual application of fiber laser has the high beam quality, reliability, low maintenance costs more, the fiber laser has high efficiency of electro-optical conversion efficiency at the same time, do not need water cooling, convenient and flexible operation etc. So optical fiber laser marking machine has the speed, incision smooth level off, the subsequent processing are generally not required; Cutting heat affected zone is small, plate deformation is small, narrow kerf width, 0. 1毫米~ 0。 3毫米) ; No mechanical stress, with no shear burr; High machining precision, good repeatability, does not damage the material surface; Numerical control programming, can be processing any floor plan. Can be wide big whole plate cutting, don't need to open mold, economic time. Tags are widely used in metal materials and nonmetal materials, in consumer electronics, auto parts, packaging, metal, shipbuilding and other industries has been widely used. Is undoubtedly the arrival of the fiber laser, laser application technology to take off again, it's excellent performance in the future application prospect is considerable.
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