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What is the Perfect Marking Solution for Date Marking on PET Beverage Bottles?

What is the Perfect Marking Solution for Date Marking on PET Beverage Bottles?


In recent years, with the development of the social economy and the improvement of living standards, people’s consumption demand for beverages has continued to rise, and our country’s beverage industry has entered a period of rapid development. The beverage industry has become an important industry in our country’s national economy. Since each beverage package must be marked with relevant information such as the production date and shelf life of the product, the rise of the domestic beverage industry has driven the vigorous development of the coding and marking industry. Especially, the emergence of laser marking machine has solved the shortcomings of traditional marking equipment, which brought about the technological innovation of marking and printing in various industries.

Beverage packaging materials tend to be diversified, and marking technology is also developing rapidly. At present, inkjet printers on the market can meet the needs of printing on various materials such as cans, plastic bottles, and composite flexible packaging. But what is the best solution for date coding on PET beverage bottles?

The packaging is an intuitive manifestation of product quality and brand image. For every company that needs to mark products, how to choose a marking device suitable for product packaging is very important, which involves product image and consumer recognition. In the field of mineral water, tea beverage, and fruit juice beverage manufacturing, large beverage manufacturers such as Cestbon, Nongfu Spring, Master Kong, Nestlé and other large beverage manufacturers have chosen CO2 laser marking machines as their coding solutions for PET beverage bottles.

In the past few years, the CO2 laser marking machine with a wavelength of 9.3um has led the beverage industry’s date coding revolution. When the 9.3um CO2 laser beam is irradiated on the transparent PET material, the high-energy laser beam will disorder the molecular structure of the PET substrate, thereby forming a white, hand-free marking effect, and presenting a clear contrast on the transparent bottle. At the same time, since the marking content is controlled by software, it supports all fonts currently supported by computers. Therefore, it is more in line with the public’s aesthetic habits. In terms of the beauty and readability of the marking content, it has incomparable advantages compared with the dot matrix effect of ink printing.

The CYCJET CO2 laser marking machine has high reliability and high marking speed, which can meet the mainstream filling production line speed in the market, and there is no need for routine cleaning and maintenance. It is safe and environmentally friendly. More importantly, its marking effect on the PET beverage bottle is achieved by changing the surface material. The marking effect is not affected by moisture, which is precisely the problem faced by the inkjet printer. When the PET beverage bottle marked by an inkjet printer is exposed to a hot and humid environment, the code will be scratched and peeled off. On the contrary, no matter what kind of environment the beverage bottle is exposed to during production and transportation, the date code marked on the bottle by the CO2 laser marking machine can permanently maintain the exquisite marking effect.

In addition, the operation process of the CYCJET CO2 laser marking machine is also very simple. Information can be edited through the touch screen controller and a graphical user interface similar to Windows operating system software. For the CO2 laser marking machine, there is no need to use consumables, and the maintenance time of the machine is almost negligible, which can greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs, downtime, and maintenance time, making the operating staff easier and more worry-free.

The application of laser marking technology on PET packaging materials is quickly receiving attention, and it is very representative of the beverage industry. As a leader in this technical field, Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of more advanced and more efficient laser marking technology. The CYCJET CO2 fly laser marking machine is accurately positioned on PET beverage bottles in the beverage industry, achieving perfect marking on PET materials.

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