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What is the difference between a fly laser marking machine and a static laser marking machine?

What is the difference between a fly laser marking machine and a static laser marking machine?


The online fly laser marking machine basically covers the entire application range of the static marking machine, that is, online marking and marking on the surface of various products or the surface of the outer packaging. Online fly laser marking is no longer a simple labeling product. Dates and lot numbers are very different from traditional laser marking machines that can only mark stationary objects.

In the marking process of online fly laser marking machine, the product keeps flowing on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency and makes the laser marking machine adapt to the requirements of industrial production. It has the following advantages:

1) Unique visual and tactile effects and never-scratch features

2) Strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling characteristics

3) Meeting the diverse needs of marking marking, automated production, assembly line production, and the need for unconventional interface materials

So what is the difference between a flying laser marking machine and a static laser marking machine?

To put it simply, flying laser marking means following the assembly line work. In conjunction with industrial automation, it is an automation manifestation of where the workpiece is finished marking in a period of time.

The still laser marking is a semi-automatic marking mode. The workpiece is manually loaded and unloaded, and the workpiece is placed on the working platform.

The online fly laser marking machine has strong text layout and graphic processing functions, and the online flight laser marking machine can automatically generate the batch number and serial number. The plug-in intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automation devices and sensors, and the software functions can be flexibly modified for specific situations.

The online flight laser marking machine will have more use in the future. The fly dynamic marking means that there is no work surface, and in a more flexible way, the surface of the product can be marked with 360 degrees without restriction, or it can be assembled in the assembly line. On the top, the track is rotated to achieve product marking.

Online and static marking, the main difference between the two in terms of product structure is the difference between the core device laser, galvanometer and control software. Simply put, the laser needs to work more efficiently, the speed of the galvanometer is faster, and the control software needs to be more comprehensive. The hardware equipment for flying laser marking must be highly matched with the hardware equipment for stationary laser marking.

CYCJET marking series products, there are three series of online flight laser marking models: online fiber laser marking machine LF series. Online CO2 laser marking machine LC series, online UV laser marking machine LV series. They have the following Advantage:

1 Using well-known brand fiber lasers, carbon dioxide lasers and UV lasers, stable performance

2 High-speed galvanometer, high processing precision, fast marking speed and stable performance

3 User-friendly software interface, easy to learn and powerful editing

4 It can automatically obtain the work order number, product batch number, material code, product name specifications and other information and automatically code

5 It can automatically read the QR code and save the data. It can automatically record and alarm when it cannot be read.

6 Compared with ordinary printing method, no consumables, environmental protection, no pollution, maintenance free

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