What is a laser marking machine? It has anything to do with the jewelry and?

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
What is a laser marking machine? It has anything to do with the jewelry and? Today people up small make up for everyone to make a brief introduction of laser marking machine in the application of the jewelry. Now the status of the laser marking machine in the jewelry industry occupy the position of very heavy, let's take a look at below. Laser marking machine is the use of high energy laser beam evaporation material surface, revealing the deep material, make its produce chemical physical change and help to carved designs, text, form a permanent identifier, and the content is not restricted, patterns, characters, the logo can be identified. However can engraving pattern of equipment has a lot of, why choose to use laser marking machine? The reason is the high precision of laser marking machine, marking out the graphic more delicate, and jewelry industry belongs to the fine jewelry industry, must need to use high precision equipment for fine processing, now a lot of people like the lettering on the jewelry or other beautifully carved patterns, which can be easily done by laser marking machine, and will not damage the jewelry. The advantages of laser marking machine in where? U good beam quality laser marking machine, for the base model ( TEMOO) Output, gathering spot diameter less than 20, especially suitable for precision, fine marking. Taken the high efficiency low cost, laser marking machine of photoelectric conversion rate is as high as 30%, the whole machine consumes less than 500 w, can greatly save energy consumption spending. Taken the equipment overall unibody design, small size, do not take a place, to a certain shock, vibration, high temperature or has the harsh environments such as dust can work normally. Taken the laser marking machine's service life is long, the service life of the laser up to hundreds of hours. U free maintenance, laser don't require any maintenance, also need not adjust or clean the lens. Taken the processing speed, laser marking machine processing speed is the traditional processing way several times. To end the applicability of the laser marking machine is very broad, such as: electronic components, electrical appliances, electrical communication, rubing matching parts, precision metal, gift accessories, clocks and watches, glasses of medical equipment, instruments and meters and kitchenware sanitary ware industry can be processed marking.
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