What exhibitions do portable inkjet printer manufacturers attend?
Portable inkjet printer producers with strong economic advantages and R&D skills usually participate in many well-known exhibitions around the world. In China, the prerequisite for participating in the exhibition is the challenge to many manufacturers. As a professional supplier with strong economic advantages, SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD often participates in many famous exhibitions to obtain more partners. By participating in well-known demonstrations, suppliers can market their products, and customers can find more detailed information about products and businesses, which is beneficial to both parties.

Being one of the pioneers in the R&D and manufacture of inkjet coding machinery, YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL gains a good reputation and market recognition. The TIJ Inkjet Printer is one of the main products of YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL. The product will not eliminate the healthy elements out, such as magnesium, zinc, iodine, etc. Because the super nano separation technology used can eliminate the harmful substances out yet retain the healthy elements. The product features a fast marking speed. If one is in search of a projector screen that’s suitable for public displays, home theatre, office presentations as well as classroom training, then this product is the answer. It has a high-resolution printhead to ensure a clear marking effect.

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