What do You Mean by Traceability in Printing Industry?

by:cycjet     2020-06-04
One of the significant methods of brand protection and traceability is through variable data marking and coding technologies to print on primary packaging. Technologies can include ink jet printers, laser coders, thermal transfer overprinters, binary array printers or a regarding technologies that provide multiple layers of protection, thus making it more difficult to counterfeit or divert services aid in traceability. Combining these technologies with software that creates unique, random codes that are placed directly on a package will go a long way in protecting the brand, the manufacturer and, ultimately, the consumer. Counterfeiting, diversion, product recalls and stringent government regulations all put pressure on brands and a company's bottom line. A basic track & trace option is the perfect feeder system for manufacturers, especially a process that handles code generation and application and ties it off to the intended next recipient in the supply chain. This code data is easily fed into manufacturing business systems that handle the specifics of e-pedigree document transfer and electronics signoff. A track & trace system that synthesizes packaging information from product at every stage in the supply chain is your best defense against counterfeiting. You can identify false product it's entry point into the current market and take strong action against it. Coding and marking technologies offer the ability to manage the product at the item level. This means individual items can be tracked from the plant to the distribution center to the store. So for example, if there is a concern that a product may have been tampered with, a manufacturer don't have to recall an entire batch, but instead could inform specific stores directly about the recalled nutritional supplement. In this way, the problematic product can be targeted and removed at the supply chain, reducing cost and negative publicity, while possibly saving the life of a consumer. Conversely, through random checks of the supply chain and retail locations, product manufacturers can quickly identify counterfeits or items which are obtained through diversionary should tell you. Examining the different types of overt and covert codes on a package and the data contained within them can quickly determine whether the products on a distributor or retailer shelf are authentic and belong there. The challenge is to achieve the right coding and marking solution to apply high-quality codes onto nearly any product at production line speeds, enabling manufacturers fulfill coding regulations. Your traceability partner should be inside a position to address challenges in serialization as well as print expiration dates, bar codes, lot codes and other variable data on providers packaging. These systems can typically be configured as standalone operations, or integrated into packaging line control systems. The codes generated are from a variety of applications, from basic lot/line identification functions, to uniquely generated and applied track and trace or mass serialization projects, as well as gaming and on-pack promotion initiatives.
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