What brand of laser marking machine?

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
Industrial laser marking machine technology both at home and is taken seriously by people gradually, in the application of various new marking system emerge in endlessly, it by its unique advantage is replacing the traditional method of markers, such as: stamping, printing, chemical corrosion, etc. , in a variety of mechanical parts, electronic components, integrated circuit module, instruments, meters, motor nameplate, tools, or even food packaging and other objects on the surface, marked Chinese characters and English characters, Numbers, graphics, etc. , thus obtained widespread application in these fields. International industrial processes of the technology in some developed countries have craft standard, also attaches great importance to this technology in our country, the national science and technology commission has classified the technology weaving torch plan 'for development and promotion. Now it has caused more and more domestic manufacturers, will replace the traditional marker technology, inject new vitality to the products manufacturing. Therefore, laser marking has huge development potential and broad market prospect. Now the price of domestic laser market chaos, there is a wide variety, brand. So how do we choose? People rise laser small make up to tell you is 'don't choose, just choose the right! 'Now the use of laser marking machine has been spread to all walks of life, almost as an indispensable process on production line. And in the process of choose and buy, all sorts of brands, quality is uneven, thing, in the face of such problems users do? Generally prefer to buy brand, the subconscious mind think brand is good, which in May before the choose and buy is very concerned about the brand of laser marking machine is good. Today's society is not actually passed by word of mouth, the overwhelming advertising, but by industry monopoly, marketing a variety of ways. Laser marking machine field in China has experienced a sharp era, transit times and The Times the galvanometer, the control mode is completed from direct control to the upper and lower position machine control software to real-time processing, a series of evolution time-sharing multiplexing. In the early stage of the laser marking machine of choose and buy, I must first understand the mainstream of today are the laser marking machine, have what function, what material processing. Such as co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, etc. Need to know before buying is: beam quality, configuration, practicability, maintenance, operation and continuous working ability, etc. Use laser marking machine's advantage lies in: 1. Marking speed, high efficiency, high precision, simple operation, design text can be designed at will. 2. Broad scope, small heat affected area, will not produce thermal effect, won't produce material burned, 3. The machine is small in size, low power consumption, and won't take up too large area, also is low for processing and environmental requirements. 4. Non-toxic harmless, processing work environment will not cause any pollution. People liters laser since its establishment, has a professional quality cast, honest attitude to win the future, committed to providing customers with a more professional laser solutions. On every technological, people rise laser repeated verification of all, a laser equipment from research to the factory, all experience cumbersome steps and procedures to ensure the stability of the equipment and reliable. We constantly improve the performance of the laser marking machine larger extent optimize the price at the same time, greater efforts to ensure that the user interests, to make every customer feel good services! The people rise laser has a perfect after-sale service system. Customers have any questions about the use of the products, we will provide sincere service. Company provides long warranty service, products are sold all provide lifelong maintenance service. Company to improve in place of professional pre-sale, sale, after-sales service has won the domestic and foreign customers trust and praise.
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