What are the working principle of the laser in the laser welding machine?

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Is developing rapidly in recent years, our country's science and technology, people's living standards improve, to the requirement of life in all kinds of processed products are also gradually improve, speak in terms of metal to metal laser welding machine. Fast laser welding machines, welding mouth won't bump, so the processing of products are beautiful, don't need the secondary grinding also save the cost of processing manufacturers. Laser welding machine is depend on what kind of work? What principle, today the people rise laser small make up to explain for everybody. Laser welding machine is processed by laser beam, the polarization characteristics of laser beam energy is power, pulse, etc. Laser welding machine, it was generally supposed that welding depth has nothing to do with a linear relationship with the laser power. Is plays a main role in laser welding, laser power density value, this is due to the different material has a critical power density threshold, only the power density of the laser focus value exceeds the threshold, to form the 'small hole effect', get deep fusion welding. When laser beam as the base model, can obtain larger weld depth and width ratio, deep beam pattern of the higher order time, more energy distribution of laser beam, and welding quality. With different beam focusing characteristics of laser beam quality of laser welding parameters K and the effect of K value, the greater the light beam quality is poor, the weld width is smaller than the more deep. Material forming holes not only related to the average power density, power density and mainly depends on high power density, the cross section is closely related to energy distribution. Laser welding machine quality and beam pattern characteristic, the relationship between the beam pattern features include the beam quality of laser beam, beam mode, and the cross section of the beam energy distribution. Beam pattern determines the focused on the energy distribution of the focal point, has important effects on laser processing. People rise of laser welding machine adopts the imported double light ceramic light-gathering cavity cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, 8 - cavity is life For 10 years. Shape of high efficiency, welding speed, can realize the automatic production line, laser head can rotate 360 °, the whole optical path parts of 360 ° rotating and stretching before and after, electric light spot size adjustment, three-dimensional moving workbench can be electric.
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