What are the characteristics of laser marking machine? How to use?

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
What are the characteristics of laser marking machine? How to use? With the expansion of the laser marking machine, more and more people have come in contact with it, but what are the characteristics of laser marking machine? How to use? These you know? Today we look at together. The characteristics of laser marking machine 1, marking no binding: laser marking machine can be performed either metallic materials or non-metallic materials marking, engraving qr code, bar code, images, text, serial number, etc, also can realize automatic jump code, which can realize assembly line production. 2, performance, design: fiber laser marking mechanical and optical conversion efficiency is high, the cooling air cooling way, small equipment volume, the output beam quality is good, high reliability, long operating life, energy saving. 3. Operation is simple and convenient: controlled by computer software, all Chinese interface, simple, and easy to understand, easy to operate. 4. Good identification function: laser marking out the graphic is permanent, not because of the high and low temperature, wet, alkaline and acidic air and faded, and rubbing. 5. Energy conservation and environmental protection, production process does not need high temperature, high pressure, non-toxic, harmless, no pollution, no radiation, no noise and is a green environmental protection new energy saving laser equipment. The use of laser marking machine laser marking machine is made up of laser, the galvanometer, field lens, power supply and so on, simple and convenient use, can be used for laser marking machine 16 word description: rational design, good quality, reliable identification, delicate and beautiful. Before the laser marking machine operation need to be professionally all kinds of operational training and safety precautions for operation, to avoid careless operation of equipment damage or accident. Laser marking machine long service life, maintenance free, beautiful marking out the graphic exquisite, smooth, grade, and marking machine no special requirements for the environment, and even in the bad environment can work. Of course, if it is to buy those cheap laser equipment that is another matter, is a price a points goods, no one can do business at a loss, lower than the market price can ensure the quality that is impossible.
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