What are people liters laser marking machine installation requirements?

by:cycjet     2020-08-06
Today, as an emerging identification equipment of laser marking machine, with its excellent performance by the vast number of customer recognition, which can be used in different industries; Laser marking machine is beaten out with a laser beam in different kinds of material surface. Last time for everybody working principle of optical fiber laser marking machine, the following people to you about the laser marking machine installation requirements: 1, before installing the laser marking machine, to keep your body clean, as far as possible; In the 10 ℃ to 35 ℃ environment, dry, dust-free optical equipment. Usually need to ensure that independent closed workshop, to ensure that the indoor temperature, the ground should be floor coating or ceramic tile, installation of air conditioning. 2, the client shall provide the main power supply support, at least to 2500 w single-phase ac power supply, and laser marking machine must be installed in the main power supply air switch, protection; The triangle plug is strictly prohibited. 3, provide the main power supply must be with the ground, it is forbidden to connect the virtual. 4, using deionized water circulation cooling water tank, if there is no deionized water, distilled water can be used instead of; Circulating cooling water in use after a period of time, should change in time, At least two weeks water) In order not to affect the efficiency of the laser. 5, after installing optical bench baffle, and semiconductor red light indicator. As a result of the laser light is not visible to the naked eye, so use red laser as the light path of the benchmark. Red light must be subdivided with laser, so the red light path parallel to the optical bench, highly consistent with the center of the YAG rod high. 6, fixed damper before laser marking machine: before installation, by adjusting the red light is used to baffle the very centre of the light hole injection. Above is to install some asked for laser marking machine, the laser marking machine is mainly applied to some more fine and higher accuracy required. Such as electronic components, integrated circuits ( IC) , electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe.
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