Uv laser marking machine in the optical fiber laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-15
Development of laser industry, many clients understanding of laser fine enough, only understand the connotation of the fur but don't know, there are all kinds of laser marking machine, the performance is completely different, just the last few days, I received a lot of customer consultation, marking processing following, some marking processing glass cosmetic bottles, and in the egg shell, seafood and shell carving LOGO above, every day from many different products customers consultation! As a member of the laser equipment, I tell you, laser marking machine is a general, laser marking machine contains ( Uv laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine,) But these two kinds of marking machine has the functions and characteristics of each! 1, uv ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser due to minimal focus facula point, and the processing of heat affected zone is very small, thus it can be for ultra fine precision marking, special material marking, as shown in figure a, is kumite standard effect product of choice for customers have higher requirements. In addition to copper metal quality accident, ultraviolet laser is suitable for processing a lot of drug marking. Ultraviolet not only good beam quality, the main advantage of focusing spot smaller, can realize hyperfine tags, small heat affected area, will not produce thermal effect, won't produce the problem material burned, marking speed, high efficiency, the machine performance is stable, small volume, low power consumption advantages, etc. 2, fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine is through the laser beam will surface evaporation material show deep material, cause the surface material by light chemical traces and 'carved out of a physical change, it is through the light burned part material, show the etching images, text, bar code and other kinds of graphs. Suitable for metal products processing, because optical fiber laser marking machine is through the light burn off part of the product material, thus to metal, stainless steel material is a better choice, if the more demanding, more sophisticated products, optical fiber laser marking machine is clumsy, and then we put the uv marking machine marking machine with optical fiber do contrast, feel they are completely two performance!
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