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by:cycjet     2020-07-15
Uv laser marking machine in the application of plastic industry - People rise along with the social laser industry unceasing progress, laser marking machine development up to now, has industry are widely used in all walks of life, is also in the plastic industry to establish a stable status. Ultraviolet laser marking machine than other marking technology, more flexibility and diversity, and other various reasons, uv laser marking machine demand is rising. In effect advantage can be divided into two points: one is more and more consumer products must be marked independent identification code, the qr code. Another trend is the process of production in order to ensure a countless number of traceability of products and parts, filing requirements more and more strict precision. Laser can be applied to various types of customized marking work, from the number of alphanumeric text, logo to such as density, machine readable data matrix code, etc. In the industrial application of laser marking on PVC plastic is a very ideal is also an inevitable trend of enterprise development. In some cases, by using the laser can achieve the color contrast can not meet the requirement of the fast markup technologies, but by ultraviolet laser marking machine can use readability and high quality. Such as fillers, stabilizers, and do not fade pigment these special laser photosensitive additive can solve this problem. This can greatly improve optional sex for laser marking materials, experimental research. Usually suitable for these experiments of plastic with polyethylene, polystyrene, polyformaldehyde, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Qr code laser marking laser absorption characteristics of different PVC plastic: the effect of different material from laser is different also, marking of plastic must absorb a certain amount of laser beam. From the macroscopic level, most of the plastic absorption spectrum (only Co2 laser, wavelength 10. 6 microns) The ultraviolet light and far infrared ray. But through the use of additives, fillers and pigments, can change the absorption characteristics of materials, improve its in the near infrared ( 1064 nm) Or visible green ( 532 nm) The band's capacity to absorb the laser beam. This process faster and better, fully meet the demand of the market. Most of the laser can be used to play mark issued a wavelength of 1064 nm red light. But especially designed for processing plastic and material tools can make the laser in the green light, 532 nm) And ultraviolet ( 355 nm) Within the scope of operation. The application of ultraviolet laser marking machine special attention, since they opened up a new epoch of plastic play mark. Short wave energy produced by ultraviolet light can cause photochemical reaction but will not be damaged because of excessive heat input material. When processing important like into flame retardant plastic materials, the laser light source is at a very fast processing speed for high contrast marking, and surface quality better. So, if do accurate precision marking in the surface of PVC plastic, uv laser marking machine is a good choice!
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