Uv laser marking machine in the application of glass products

by:cycjet     2020-07-14
Uv laser marking machine is the application of glass in glass products are widely used in our everyday items a material, a lot of places can use, small to the mirror of the household, big to the space ship can use glass. Glass is made up of soda ash, limestone, quartz raw materials, such as by dissolving the crystalline silicate class nonmetallic material. The artificial made of glass, although is very beautiful, but there is a fly in the ointment that is too illusions, is too monotonous. Then, it came out, all kinds of glass processing art glass to add color, but not to be artificial did a lot of fine processing, in order to reduce the damage rate, improve the quality. Uv conveniently and laser marking machine, laser marking machine can make up for the machining accuracy is not high, drawing the shortcomings such as difficult, damage to the workpiece, environmental pollution, with its unique processing advantages become the latest must-haves in the glass products processing, is on the wine glass, craft gift industry such as the necessary processing equipment. Ultraviolet laser marking machine USES is the wavelength of 355 mm, 355 uv focused spot, can largely reduce the material and processing of mechanical deformation heat effect is small, so it is mainly used for super fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for used in food, medicine packaging material marking, microporous, glass material of high speed divided and complex graphics on silicon wafer cutting and application field. Uv laser marking machine has the following advantages: 1, uv laser marking machine is of good performance, the laser power density uniform, stable output power, flare is very fine. 2, the applicability of the laser marking machine is very wide, can complement other laser equipment defects can't processing, also can hyperfine marking. 3, ultraviolet laser marking machine of heat affected zone is small, can reduce the wastage of the products, increase the yield of the product. 4, ultraviolet laser marking machine its flexible design, can be manual or automatic assembly works. 5, ultraviolet laser marking machine no consumables, maintenance costs and the use cost is low. Laser marking machine is due to the manipulation of computer software, its use is very convenient, marking a variety of patterns or text language in different countries can easily finish, ultraviolet laser marking machine in the content of the product you want to play displayed above, can show different romantic.
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