Uv laser marking machine and laser cutting machine what's the difference?

by:cycjet     2020-07-15
Uv laser cutting machine and laser marking machine have what different? Reflected in those aspects? First of all, we will tell the ultraviolet laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine is relatively mature and simple, is directly using the laser light through the expanded beam shaping after link to the galvanometer optical effect, by high energy beam surface gasification off the surface of the material to form a pattern of want. Ultraviolet laser cutting machine is the use of laser turn-back lens through the beam expander, reflection mirror frames and other optical components connected to the galvanometer optical effect, also has a part is by laser light out and then directly after reflection frames directly to the galvanometer. By high-energy beam in the process of processing multiple or single processing forming cutting or drilling, general process of cutting slot, cutting edge effect, the machining efficiency and machining precision, etc. , have higher requirements. Ultraviolet laser cutting, drilling process, is to make the whole piece of material cut off or perforation, ultraviolet laser marking machine of low power laser is unable to meet this requirement, you need to use high-power ultraviolet laser, generally refers to more than 10 w laser. Judging from the above function uv laser cutting machine and laser marking machine working principle is the same, are working through the galvanometer optical, where is the difference between them? In fact can understand so, ultraviolet laser cutting machine is the upgrade version of ultraviolet laser marking machine or deluxe edition. 175/210 of the work of vibrating mirror is typically 110/145 / / 330 mm, so if the processing width more than this value, we need to XY for Mosaic, in order to ensure the accuracy of this kind of stitching, will need to use linear motor or servo motor, but in order to guarantee the production efficiency in the field of micro precision machining are usually choose to use linear motor, wider speed, better accuracy. On the premise of guarantee splicing light driven by linear motor is certainly can't completely accuracy requirement, or located in large-format work condition need to grab the laser work area, it is need to configure the CCD camera, to grasp the target of the working area, also can see the precision machining of the processing effect. Especially the machining accuracy under 50 microns to the naked eye can not see, the amplification effect of CCD camera is crucial. Different thickness of the material, focus is inconsistent, the rise and fall of the Z axis, guarantee the accuracy of the vibrating mirror and material focus position, Z axis motor movements are also standard. In the process of mobile equipment, in order to ensure the stability of the mobile, there must be a very stable equipment of the machine, in order to guarantee the stability of the machine, laser equipment manufacturers choose solution is marble work platform, so the whole weight of the equipment is very heavy.
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