Uv laser marking machine advantages why not suitable for engraving metal

by:cycjet     2020-07-15
Currently on the market the most widely used laser marking machine has the optical fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, the three kinds of models can cover almost all kinds of product marking packaging applications, is also the present mainstream laser marking equipment. Due to its application fields, the core components, processing principle is not the same, so the price of also differ, such as ultraviolet laser marking machine prices close to optical fiber laser marking machine 3 times as much. In terms of wavelength, the wavelength of ultraviolet laser have a shorter than the wavelength of visible light, so is not visible to the naked eye, even though you can't see the laser beam, but it is these short wave ultraviolet laser can more precisely focus, to produce an extremely fine circuit characteristics at the same time, also can maintain good localization accuracy. There is another important factor, the workpiece temperature is lower, the high-energy photons that exist in the ultraviolet (uv) for uv laser can be applied to large PCB combination, from standard material such as FR4 to high-frequency ceramic composite materials as well as flexible PCB, including polyimide materials of various materials, such as three common PCB material under the effect of six different laser absorption rate, the six including excimer laser in laser marking machine laser ( Wavelength of 248 nm) , infrared laser ( Wavelength of 1064 nm) , and two kinds of CO2 laser ( The wavelength of 9 respectively. 4 microns and 10. 6μm) , ultraviolet laser ( Nd: YAG, wavelength of 355 nm) Is a rare in three kinds of material absorption rate consistent with the laser. Uv laser marking machine is applied to the resin and copper shows the high absorption rate, when processing glass also has the proper absorption rate, only expensive excimer laser ( Wavelength of 248 nm) Will only get better when processing the main material of full absorption rate, the differences of the material for ultraviolet laser has created a lot of the best choice for all kinds of PCB material application in industrial field, from the most basic production circuit board, circuit wiring, to pocket embedded chip and other advanced production process are common. Ultraviolet laser marking machine's computer system directly from computer aided design data to the processing circuit board, means in the process of PCB production don't need any middleman, coupled with ultraviolet precise focusing ability, make the characteristic extremely the ultraviolet laser system can implement, and repeat positioning, to say the positioning precision, it also must be uv laser marking machine of PCB industry one of the requirements. Laser marking machine is depending on the material usually choose different types of marking machine, the configuration principle for different models are difference is very big, the product material is very sensitive, why don't many customers doubt the co2 laser marking machine can play metal products. CO2 laser marking machine is also called the CO2 laser marking machine, commonly used in wood, organic glass, glass, stone, crystal, corian, paper, double color boards, alumina, leather, resin, etc. 1, the lattice carved lattice sculpture resembles a high-resolution lattice printing, laser head swinging, carving out a composed of a series of points every time a line, then the laser carving out more line to move up and down at the same time, the last constitute a full-page images or text, scanning of graphics, text and graphic can use lattice vector quantization. 2, vector cutting and lattice carved, vector cutting is outside the graphic of contour line, we usually use this mode in the wood, arc and penetration on materials such as paper cutting, can also be used in a variety of material surface for marking operation. 3, the engraving speed: the speed of the movement refers to the laser engraving speed, usually with IPS ( Inches per second) Said, fiber laser marking machine high speed with high production efficiency, speed is also used to control the depth of cut, for a specific laser intensity, the slower speed, cutting or engraving depth is greater, you can use engraving machine panel to adjust speed, can also use the computer to print driver to adjust, from 1% to 100%, within the scope of the adjustment range is 1%, the hummer machine advanced motion control system can make you in high speed engraving, still get super fine carving quality. 4, carving strength: carving strength refers to shoot to on the strength of the material surface laser carving speed for certain, the greater the intensity, the greater the depth of cutting or engraving, you can use the engraving machine panel adjustment strength, can also use the computer to print driver to adjust, in the range of 1% to 100%, the adjustment range is 1%, the greater the strength, the equivalent of the speed, the greater the cutting depth is deeper. 5, light spot size: laser beam spot size adjusted can use different focal length of lens, the light of the lens used for high resolution carving, big spot lens used in low resolution of the sculpture, but for vector cutting, it is the best choice, new equipment standard configuration is 2. 0 inches of lens, the light spot size in the middle, is suitable for various occasions. 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