Using a laser marking machine on the stainless steel standard LOGO

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
Stainless steel is widely used in our everyday life, such as electric kettle, a spatula, bowl, chopsticks and so on are stainless steel. So simple of stainless steel are certainly with the name of the company LOGO, but customers to buy back and it's hard to tear, tear after the glue is hard to get off. Then using a laser marking machine marking LOGO on stainless steel is a very good choice, the design of laser marking machine, text to random design, simple operation, still can use laser marking machine with colorful effect. And laser marking machine marking speed, high production efficiency, high precision, the marking effect is clear, no noise processing work, non-toxic, processing environment will not cause any pollution as well as the health of the people. People liters laser laser marking machine as long as the good daily maintenance service life is longer, can some LOGO on the product label trademarks, text, qr code, serial number, photography, design, symbol, name, serial number, anti-counterfeiting code, serial number, etc. Laser marking machine has the print mark clear, durable and beautiful. Items show the fine carving, minimum line width can reach 0. 04mm。 And even in small may be printed on the plastic parts of a large amount of data, and can be on any regular or irregular appearance print marking device, workpiece after marking does not produce internal stress, not only ensure the original accuracy of workpiece. Also not corrosion work surface, no wear, poison and pollution. People liters laser have decades of experience in scientific research in the field of laser equipment, has a group of high levels of optical, electrical and precision machinery of professional scientific research personnel, has its own r&d base and production workshop; Industrial laser technology and laser equipment professional service providers; Dedicated to provide you with research and development, production, sales and maintenance of professional services.
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