Use laser marking machine accessories profile has the note

by:cycjet     2020-07-21
Use laser marking machine accessories profile has the note here, flat field flat field lens and the output of the role is to make the laser correctly on the workpiece surface. Warning: flat field is precision optics lens, it is strictly prohibited to use hand or other objects as damp, filthy and hard brush touch lens surface, otherwise will cause the lens damage, leading to equipment can't normal use. The picture shows the output laser, laser, optical fiber lens laser main effect is the output laser. By laser generator, optical fiber, laser output lens. The function of the laser generator is to set the laser parameters. To transmit a laser fiber optic effect is to enlarge the beam splitter. Output lens collimation, beam expander, optical isolation of three parts. Role is expanded beam collimation device will have a plastic optical fiber transmission to the laser and make it meet the use requirements. Isolating device function is to prevent reflection laser light back to the laser laser damage. Warning: laser is a precision optical devices, it is strictly prohibited to remove any part of the laser, otherwise will lead to laser can't normal use.
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