Use a metal laser cutting machine to make complex metal design

by:cycjet     2020-07-09
Complex metal laser cutting machine design, lighting industry, in particular, as an important part of home decoration, more and more love in the shadow of lighting designers, especially on the lamps and lanterns, the designers are free to play, to draw. A lamp is a portrait of the painting art, is a unique decorative art atmosphere. Now processing means the mainstream of the laser cutting machine, and now are more likely to bring more business opportunities to the lighting industry, can not only adapt to the single aluminum plate, stainless steel, brass and copper of high reflective material. Also has the characteristics of a mold machining, can well meet the needs of the small batch custom lighting industry now. Laser cutting metal laser cutting metal laser and the conventional processing methods, laser processing is the use of laser beam with high energy density and irradiation on the surface processing products, processing surface under the irradiation of high energy density laser beam. Melting point or boiling point, then use high pressure gas blow away the melt or vaporized material, the whole process is controlled by computer software. Laser cutting machine in the process of machining processing speed, high precision, the pattern is not restricted, make lighting product not only can satisfy the personalized needs of design. Through laser cutting technology can make the original cooling metal suddenly become dynamic design, metal hollow carving, shape and size can be tampered with, let the lighting design have the possibility of more. People litres of optical fiber laser cutting machine, cutting efficiency is high, the circular orifice diameter 2 mm, cutting 600 1 mm per minute, high ratio of covering 100% of metal material, can easily solve the previous any complex patterns. Metal lighting even plank treatment options.
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