Understand the laser marking machine the following points can let you not be cause blackmail

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
Machine use process how many there will be all kinds of problems, if don't know anything about the machine itself, so it is easy to maintenance personnel blackmail, he will let you change all kinds of expensive components. Today people liters laser small make up to the popularization of laser marking machine to you in the daily operation basic troubleshooting problems, only oneself know can not be pit. Failure 1: laser intensity drops, mark is not clear whether 1 laser resonator changes, fine-tuning cavity lens, make the output light spot is better. 2 acousto-optic crystal offset or low light output power energy, adjust the position of acousto-optic crystal or increase the light power supply working current. 3 enter the galvanometer laser off center: adjust the laser. If current transferred to about 20 a photographic still strong enough: krypton lamp aging, replace the new lamp. Fault 2: krypton lamp can't trigger ( Reference the NTP power user manual) 1 check all power cables. 2 high pressure krypton lamp aging, krypton lamp replacement. Laser marking machine operation note 1 it is strictly prohibited to no water or water cycle is not normally start the laser power and Q. 2 don't allow Q (no-load power supply Namely the Q output power end dangling) 。 Three abnormal phenomena, first switch off the galvanometer and the key switch, check again. 4 is not allowed to start the other components in front of the krypton lamp lit, in case of high pressure into the damaged components. 5 pay attention to the laser power output end ( Anode) Impending, in case of light and other appliances, breakdown. 6 keep in circulating water clean. Regular cleaning water tank and clean in deionized water or pure water. And the use of krypton lamp to replace 1 closed water cooling machine, laser power supply. 2 open the upper three cavity cover, take out to replace the lamp or crystals, change into, after on the cavity cover. 3 open water cooling machine, laser power, will be transferred to the laser power supply current ( 15 ~ 20) A left and right sides. Between the diaphragm and beam expander placed 1 small wood or black paper, should see laser ablation form of light. If not, the light, the three diaphragm frame before the adjustment knob until light appeared. 4 laser debugging after coming out, should be repeated the three diaphragm frame before the adjustment knob that light is stronger, such as a laser is no observation of strong, high brightness, can reduce power supply current. 5 off laser power supply. Special note: krypton lamp replacement in the time of laser krypton lamp factory shows that the service life of krypton lamp is 300 hours, but due to the different users use conditions, the time is not as the only basis for krypton lamp replacement. With the increase of using time, krypton lamp luminous efficiency decline, laser output also weakens. Many users in order to obtain sufficient laser output, the increase of laser power supply current, boosting the krypton lamp glow, which made krypton lamp aging is accelerated, the formation of a vicious cycle, sometimes leads to fry light phenomenon. In order to prevent this kind of phenomenon, we recommend that users according to the following method to decide whether to krypton lamp should be replaced. When put on a new krypton lamp, record the normal marking of laser power supply current meter value, current value as standard. When krypton lamp aging, gradually increase the laser power output current, but current meter value should not exceed the standard value of 1. 25 times. For example: the new krypton lamp marking when the current value of 20 a, use after a period of time, if the current value up to 22. Still can't normal after 5 a marking, krypton lamp should be replaced.
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