Traditional processing technology and laser marking machine, the difference between code printer

by:cycjet     2020-08-14
Now there are a lot of companies are aware of the importance of the code machine, it can not only intuitive tell people stable product information, also can put the product information to the surface of the product, which makes the intelligent enterprise management efficiency has greatly improved. In food production, in addition to ensure excellent product quality, but also for consumers to know the production date and save the date, in order to avoid consuming expired products, therefore, the code printer plays an important role in food production line, code printer is mainly concentrated in the drinks, beer, mineral water and other industries, at the same time to the wire and cable, food, cigarettes, battery, such as industry development, its function in addition to label production date, also can be a potential problem tracking, prevent such as counterfeiting, the food industry still is the biggest market of code printer. Like many other machinery and equipment development, code printer is born, variety is single, only finished product code process, probably can't guarantee the quality of printing products, laser marking machine to businesses and consumers a lot of inconvenience, along with the development of science and technology, many advanced technologies are used in the production of printer, printer types and functions continue to increase, gradually can meet the needs of market and enterprise. Compared to spurt the code machine, printer less investment, consumption is low cost, on the carton and label printing, has irreplaceable leader, but on the bottle printing, code printer also can't replace the spurt the code machine, code printer manufacturers now only to see the situation development present situation, constantly moving in the equipment automation, intelligent, diversification, efficient, high quality development, to be able to catch up with the advanced level, to win more market. Frame code printer, engine code printer, nameplate printer, the sign of code printer series, steel plate printer, printer the personage inside course of study points out, although the packaging machinery industry product variety, model and have different functions, but code function complete product trademarks, production date, batch number, stamp some logo printing, such as its unique features of the influence of the market is unique, code printer at home bales ultraviolet laser marking machine mechanical position on the market will be more and more important, there is a big development space. Since the birth of laser initial to today, it has a great impact on people's life style, the laser is widely used in engraving electronic components, handicrafts, laser marking, non-metallic materials, such as laser marking is in laser cutting, laser drilling, laser spot welding technology applications, such as after another great innovation, it is to add new processing technology breakthrough, is a new kind of non-contact processing, no chemical pollution, no wear new tag processing mode, along with the application of laser technology in recent years more and more widely, it combined with computer science and technology effectively, which broke through the laser marking another milestone in the development of the processing, now the laser marking processing technology and the traditional marking process has a huge breakthrough, but also has the incomparable advantages with traditional:. 1, the range of materials more wider, sex can be a variety of non-metallic, and golden marking process on properties of material, especially suitable for brittle material fiber laser marking machine, high melting point, high hardness materials, etc. , traditional marking machine can only for certain non-metallic materials for processing. 2, laser marking processing technology is different from the past the old marking machine, must be processing the surface of the object to carry on the processing contact marking, and through the integration of laser technology and innovation, laser marking just commented on laser processing surface concentration of high-energy irradiation can finish marking, this kind of direct contact with the processing will not damage the surface of work piece, there is no cutting force, marking a pattern, symbols, words such as the quality is very high. Assembled 3, the characteristics of high energy density laser beam is very fine, make the effect of processing object scope is very small, is helpful to reduce the loss of raw materials. 4, with modern automation, combined with an efficient computer system so as to realize the purpose of rapid processing. 5, can be carved marking a variety of shape yards, Numbers, patterns, characters and so on. 6, used for garment industry, light industry, metal products, such as anti-counterfeiting mark.
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