The use of laser printer considerations and daily maintenance requirements

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Today's economic management system of the manufacturers, no matter what you are need to use code printer, which fully shows the management of the goods in our country now is more and more specifications, any products need to pass code to sales, so not is to facilitate the management products, but also to prevent the product slip, along with the use of code printer, printer daily maintenance gradually has been on the agenda. In order to make more long run code printer, printer also want regular service, in the process of using the correct maintenance can increase the service life of your printer from 2 to 3 years, so how to maintain in the process of using code printer, here, let me take you look at the code printer maintenance and maintenance method, laser printer before use, must carefully check whether the circuit wiring is normal, etc. , in order to prevent the sudden failure of flush, at the same time also should often clean up the table, have lenses, maintain its cleanliness, such ability can guarantee code printer normal printing, laser marking machine at the same time, also want to check each parts work is normal phenomenon, such as do the daily maintenance, code printer work can normal operation, to avoid the phenomenon such as ghosting or print is not clear, for the people to bring more safeguard. Frame code printer, engine code printer, nameplate printer, the sign of code printer series, steel plate printer, printer code printer equipment such as the correct maintenance method, not only can prolong the service life of code equipment, at the same time can keep the precision of the printer and markers of beautiful, can be effective for the manufacturer to save the production cost, improve work efficiency. Using a laser beam to mark items to print the laser printer is currently the most advanced marking equipment, as a high-tech product uv laser marking machine, laser printer compared with the traditional marking equipment, work performance is more stable and efficient, but it is a good equipment will also have problems, especially the non-professional personnel to operate the laser printer, it's easy to cause failure problems because of the improper operation. 1, check the laser printer drive ON, OFF, whether the RUN three gear switch selective mistakes, OFF gear for closed laser command, ON fire for compulsory command, the correct operation is select RUN running gear laser printer. 2, check whether the laser printer interface card is damaged, if there is any fault, need to replace a new interface card is: check the board on Q signal voltage, under normal circumstances, the Q signal voltage is: not marking for + 5 v, marking to 0 v. 3, check the laser printer board and drive signal connection problem whether there is a link, if the need to change the attachment or open welding good again. 4, fiber laser marking machine is not the cause of the light may also be a laser printer light path is not good, need to adjust the light path of the laser printer. 5, check whether the laser printer krypton lamp is damaged, if it is krypton lamp appear problem, you may need to replace the krypton lamp. 6, check whether the Q switch laser printer damage, if any problem, need to replace Q switch. 7, check to see if the laser printer Q drive is faulty, if is the problem that the Q drive, replace Q driver can solve the problem. 8, check whether the laser printer laser power supply. 9, whether malfunctioning of the laser, laser is the most important part of the laser printer, usually need to be careful maintenance, if you have questions need to be looking for professional and technical personnel to solve. 10, in the end, may is the issue of control computer, check the computer to see if there is failure, can reinstall the operating system also can replace a high configuration computer, note that the computer is best not to put too much software, usually also should pay attention to when using the computer heat dissipation problem.
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