The superiority of code printer and laser marking machine how to work

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
Now, relative to the current packaging industry, code printer code is the most widely used packaging machinery, large economic system in our country, the code printer is potential, in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other major industries have been widely used, believe that in the next few years, code printer sales will soar. Frame code printer, engine code printer, nameplate printer, the sign of code printer series, steel plate printer, printer equipment such as why there are such a good prospect, because all sorts of commodity packaging are in need of some production date, enterprise text, pattern identification, and so on information and reflect the value of the goods, and code printer is dedicated to complete the key to this a series of problems, it can fully demonstrate the appearance, products can attract the attention of the user. In addition, the printer has a considerable market superiority, in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, code printer batch number printing the problems have been resolved, after repeated experiments, choose the ink wheel code printer is better than that of the ribbon type code printer, of course, can also choose to word hard pressure to achieve one or two rows of the batch number of stamping, both to code printer laser marking machine code performance is good, must on the one hand, to ensure the productivity, on the other hand also want to ensure the quality of products. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry and food industry, for the most part in the food industry of small food packaging need code printer to print the words on the outer packing, logo, date, and so on. On the other hand code printer industry development in our country today, code vendors would thousands across the country, most of them small and medium-sized enterprises, developing the good and bad are intermingled, annual output value over one hundred million yuan of less than ten, real unit capable of independent research and development of high-end products rarely, and thus in a large chemical industry, nuclear power, oil and gas long distance pipeline and other major projects, form a complete set of code printer at present is still mainly rely on imports. With the international advanced level there are gaps, so the code confidential technical ways to seek further development, from a deeper level of play yards machine technology development trends and product development to make a comprehensive analysis and thinking, efforts to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights. In modern enterprise production, people are in pursuit of the zero error, the automation, high efficiency and precision of ultraviolet laser marking machine is not any device, with the progress of modern science and technology unceasingly, when the equipment problem, need to research and development to solve the actual problem, makes the production code printer represent not only the high-end technology, and be able to have the best performance in actual production application. Believe that this is also the growing market demand, looking at liquor, the vigorous development of the food and drug industries, as well as the growth in demand for the printer code printer should be fully prepared, from the core to the hardware, should obey the social development trend, to adapt to market development. Error is any mechanical phenomenon, some mechanical reproduction of time error is large, so the quality of the mechanical is not very good, some mechanical error is small, and control in a certain range, the mechanical quality will be better. Now, with the rapid development of laser technology and innovation in many industries have a wide range of application of the laser, such as medical field, the field of aeronautics and astronautics, industrial processing, etc. , in the field of each laser has a pivotal position, fiber laser marking machine by laser application and derivative of the laser device is not in the minority, laser marking machine is one kind of laser equipment, laser marking machine is how to work? Application of laser marking machine is mainly is for the purpose of marking, the marking is often seen in processing in a permanent mark in the surface of objects, marking is actually working effect through to the object surface evaporation to reveal the internal material, through light make obvious chemical changes in material surface and carved marks, also have a plenty of through light on surface of burn, and appeared some pattern or textual content in material surface, high density, and laser marking machine is using a laser energy of a certain part of the features of the material surface thereby concentrated light, so that the material surface evaporation or color of the chemical reaction, make the material surface left a permanent mark. Because of this characteristic and advantages of laser marking machine, so it is widely used in very fine, accuracy is high, such as electronic electrical circuit, precision machinery processing, jewelry accessories processing, metal products processing, and other occasions. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266
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