The stainless steel lamella to weld the ideal method

by:cycjet     2020-08-16
With the development of science and technology, the improvement of technology, many of the traditional process has been replaced by the advanced equipment. Laser equipment are typical of them, such as laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, etc. , are to gradually cover the major industry, is widely used, laser welding machine under the first me. Laser welding machine is the use of high energy density of laser beam, as a kind of high precision welding heat source method. The principle of laser welding can be classified as heat conduction welding and deep penetration laser welding, laser welding machine the welding process is thermal conduction, heat conduction type is welded by laser radiation heating surface, the surface heat to the internal diffusion through heat conduction, by controlling the width of laser pulse, energy, peak power and repeating frequency, parameters such as melting of components, to form specific molten pool. So how do thin stainless steel option is better? With the rapid development of our country, the consumption amount of stainless steel are also increased year by year, thin stainless steel plate to go deep into the manufacturing sector. So the welding of thin stainless steel plate also became an important machining process, because the traditional way of welding welding of thin stainless steel plate is easy to cause deformation, weld penetration, and welding not beautiful, difficult issues such as welding. But the laser welding machine can do not deformation, not easy to weld penetration effect and so on, because the laser welding machine is out of contact welding pressure does not produce machine. As long as we will strictly control welded joint of heat transmission, choose suitable welding method and processing parameters, high precision of laser welding, welding gap is small, but the hardcover fixture must be used, the balance of clamping force uniform. Thin stainless steel plate laser welding is important to note is the heat transport, use the current is too big, not to try to reduce the heating time sheet, such ability to reach smaller deformation. People liters laser have decades of experience in scientific research in the field of laser equipment, has a group of high levels of optical, electrical and precision machinery of professional scientific research personnel, has its own r&d base and production workshop; Industrial laser technology and laser equipment professional service providers; Dedicated to provide you with research and development, production, sales and maintenance of professional services.
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