The same power of laser marking machine why price gap so big?

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
The same power of laser marking machine why price gap so big? Now laser marking machine and evil people mixed up market prices, the same is 20 w fiber laser marking machine, from $ten thousand to hundreds of thousands of, this let the customer when the choose and buy hard choices. In fact this is the same with what we buy, such as car only 8, wuling, and grade of audi, BMW and Mercedes, ferrari, lamborghini and bugatti, etc. , choose the material, the craft is different so the price will be different. Are used to drive, but comfort, durability are all made of the gap, gap between both exterior and interior are big, laser marking machine is the same, the appearance of laser marking machine is about the same, but the inner configuration is good or bad determines the price of the fiber laser marking machine. Who is not a philanthropist, doing business is to make money, think they chose 'bargain' will bear the consequences, the performance is not stable, not to after-sales, high damage rate, marking the effect is not ideal, and so on. Can buy mobile phones, for example, that hundreds of phone card cannot be used, may use only a few months all sorts of small problems came out, and a bit of high-end mobile phone could use a few years will not have what problem, with cheap quality is bad also lowered the class, so a good laser accessories can bring laser equipment advantage is very obvious. Buy the same is true with optical fiber laser marking machine equipment, a good optical fiber laser marking machine for intake of light does not need to strict position matching crystal technology, photoelectric automatic evenly for absorption, which is the product stability and the effect on the degree of advantage, and good machines to the overall power consumption is reduced, but the power is on the high side. So you can use the lower calorific value and wastage, low heat energy will not produce damage to anything, but it can have a beautiful high-speed marking effect, while the output of energy can be divided into more energy, and increase coordination, to coordinate multiple beam focused work, also will be more low requirement to the requirement of environment, treatment of dust and high temperature tolerance, can play a variety of environment, high quality of the conversion rate for the use of energy saving and cost is good enough. Good laser marking machine accessories use fixed number of year for a long time, marking out products of good quality and a target speed, small failure rate. And some actual power laser marking machine, 20 W only 10 W that the difference is very big, so you know why the same power laser why the huge price gap, so buy equipment, not covet petty gain, to realize the value of is expensive must have it, it is certainly not want us to buy expensive, to know everything there is to know about many aspects, and then select the appropriate oneself is good.
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