The right way to Pair a Motorola Symbol MC70 Mobile

by:cycjet     2020-08-27
Begin by making positive both the Motorola MC70 mobile computer and the Zebra EM220 mobile receipt printer are enabled with Bluetooth. Fortunately, the Motorola MC70 handheld computer along with a Bluetooth as a standard option, but the Zebra EM 220 receipt printer does not which means you'll have to request that option when purchasing one.
Typically, pairing the Motorola MC75mobile computer with the Zebra EM220 mobile printer (or EM420 receipt printer) via Bluetooth is no different that pairing your cellular phone having a Bluetooth headset. Quick cash 'non-standard' part generally that Zebra sometimes not include a default Bluetooth PIN for that Zebra EM220 computer printer. In order to set the PIN for the Zebra EM220 portable receipt printer, you'll need to use Zebra's Label Vista program which you can download from the Zebra website (
Within Zebra's Label Vista software you will need to set the PIN by selecting the Printer ; Bluetooth Settings menu option. In the 'Authentication:' field, select the 'SETPIN' option in the drop down menu and then enter the PIN you want to used the 'Pin:' field. Specialists . also enter a 'Friendly Name:' make certain that you'll much better able for your Zebra EM220 mobile printer. Lastly, set the 'Discoverable:' mode to On the subject of. The default PIN code for the Zebra EM220 portable printer is '0000'
Now you actually have the Bluetooth PIN for the Zebra EM220 portable printer, you can begin pairing the Zebra EM220 printer whilst MC70 handheld computer. Being able to for most printers get a the Bluetooth connection, here are some want to associate a serial port with the Bluetooth web connection. The first step to be able to click the Bluetooth icon in the Windows Program Tray which is in the reduced right hand window of one's Symbol MC70 handheld private. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the symbol MC70 mobile computer as well as click the Show BTExplorer menu options. Select 'File-> New Connection' to start the 'BTExplorer New Connection Wizard.' On the drop down menu in the centre of the screen, select the 'Associate Serial Port' option and then click the 'Next->' button in the lower RHS among the screen. The Motorola MC70 mobile computer should then begin trying to find Bluetooth devices that it might pair with; with just a little bit of luck, it enables the Zebra EM220 receipt printer and should just be able to click the 'Next-' button until you observe a prompt requesting the PIN. Type in the Pin and be over. The Motorola MC70 Mobile Computer should certainly be paired having your Zebra EM200 receipt printing device.
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