The people rose laser engraving machine _ why so popular?

by:cycjet     2020-08-05
Before our factory also used laser engraving machine, but it is really trouble to operate, and engraving precision of the machine also can't reach the customer request, will soon be eliminated. Now our factory use shimin litres of laser engraving machine - — Lightning speed carving can be accomplished in fluent engraving requirements; Precision and sculpt also fully agree with the use of customer requirements. In order to allows peers to people liters laser engraving machine has a clear view, I was introduced to the use of some of my experience, for your reference. People liters laser engraving machine is different from the previously used machine, this machine can be offline use, operation more convenient, integrating engraving, cutting, printing, seal, support compatible printer, negotiable, TIF international standard word stock and BMP, JPG file, with a strong compatibility, before using the laser engraving machine can only use some specific file format, so use with unlimited, the factory will lose many customers. But the use of the people rises after laser engraving machine, with unlimited, customer is more natural; And is there a public laser beam high volatility is strong, carving speed, high precision, also can continue long time task; In order to meet the demand of sculpture of different products, but also has the specialty the lifting lever, easy to move, wide operating range equilibrium function is good, the machine use range is wide, seek business nature. This machine is resuming of the carved function. Sometimes processing to half the power suddenly, both affected the task schedule and delay precision carving, such a thing is to let a person helpless. But people rise breakpoint continued carving functions of laser engraving machine, to use layer provides a guarantee: power is also not afraid to delay the task, to relay last time when the power input, save for a rainy day.
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