The people rise the important function of the laser cutting machine in the mobile phone camera module

by:cycjet     2020-08-06
According to statistics, in 2015, CCM camera module reached more than thirty billion dollars of production value and output value is expected to more than $fifty billion by 2020. Presents the diversification trend of the development of camera module, such as smart clothing, intelligent household, industrial applications, automotive electronics, mobile consumer electronics, etc. Phase module industry ushered in a new growth point. As we know, cell phone camera function has appeared on the hands and the function of the camera, manufacturers have begun to invest. The outbreak of the phase module industry for small and medium-sized enterprise has created a huge space for development, also for the transformation of enterprise provide the chance of a return phase module industry, companies everywhere. At the same time. The rapid development of intelligent mobile phone camera module industry, also has brought new opportunities for laser company. In fact, the camera module has received a lot of orders, to expand the factory and batch production. This means that new factories and new equipment will run, camera module separate and laser cutting machine as a partner. This brought a new round of expansion for the laser cutting machine industry. In order to guarantee the effect of the camera, every camera products to maintain a high level of consistency, in addition. Cutting support needed to use special cutting clamp, also can use high resolution CCD positioning, to build such a sophisticated products. It is also essential to high precision, high quality laser cutting machine. People rose laser cutting machine has been widely used in famous brand mobile phone camera module production process. Cutting quality is good, edge burr and residue. Long-term good stability, high precision, can be designed according to different data, directly on the substrate complex shape cutting, automatic loading and unloading, and reduce the manual operation, fast speed, high consistency. Currently, camera module of the smart phone has become a standard, the market has become increasingly mature, the technology is in rapid development, high pixel, large field of view. Large aperture jitter, rapid focus, thin technology has become a current research hot spot, but with the development of intelligence. Dual cameras function is also a camera module in the high-end mobile phone market to form a new important growth point. The growth of the mobile phone market will inevitably lead to the expansion of the camera module industry, followed by. New opportunities will also appear in the tapestry - On the wire surface laser cutting machine, such as matching camera module. 。
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