The people rise the five advantages of laser welding machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-06
Laser welding technology with the industry to carry out the use of more and more central, laser welding machine for welding thin wall materials, fine parts, spot welding, butt welding, welding stack, seal welding, etc. , using category is very common, in the automotive industry, electronic industry, powder metallurgy and other categories are used. So people up the characteristics of laser welding machine in detail what are? 1, laser welding machine and electron beam and ion beam compared with ordinary mechanical processing, has many advantages. 2 small focus, laser beam of laser light, high power density, can weld some high melting point, high strength alloy material, using non-contact processing, will not cause any machine pressure. 3, using laser welding machining workpiece can progress task efficiency, product appearance beautiful, weld workpiece, welding depth and high welding quality. 4, using a laser welding machine to stop the product repair, after repair matrix deformation, annealing, bite edge and residual stress, don't change the metal organization form. 5, repair of high precision, coating thickness from several microns to several millimeters, fine polishing. High power argon maintenance, but long time task. 6, high automation level, laser welding machine can be controlled by a computer. High welding speed is fast, effective and convenient for any complex shape of welding.
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