The people rise PCB for laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
With 4 'industry. 0 'arrival, laser marking machine industry have been breakthroughs, continuous improvement and plenty has gradually replaced the traditional processing technology, brought new vigor and convenient for manufacturing. Take the PCB circuit boards, for example, largely related to PCB circuit board industry is inseparable from the application of laser marking machine, laser marking machine is high precision, flexible operation, can make up for the traditional processing off some of the above shortcomings. Has now become the PCB circuit board processing industry will choose equipment, has a pivotal role in the circuit board industry. People l PCB laser marking machine with the development of intelligent technology, can wear type electronic products to the light, the direction of intelligent, miniaturization, and PCB circuit board is one of the most important parts in electronic components products, basically all electronic products above are used, so has been called the 'mother of the electronic system, so for the production of PCB circuit board is very strict, not allow to have any mistake, in order to be able to better control to the quality of the product information, logo on PCB text, qr code, bar code, etc. The traceability of the information. The people l PCB laser marking machine laser marking machine in PCB circuit board industry has those advantages? Laser marking machine is through high energy laser beam local irradiation was carried out on the workpiece surface, so as to make its produce chemical reaction or gasification, change its color to leave a permanent mark, and laser marking machine is a non-contact laser machining, so the workpiece produces machine pressure not deformation, etc. , so the basic is no consumables. The workpiece doesn't require the size of the laser marking machine, very little can also be identified on the surface of workpiece qr code, bar code, digital information is clearly visible. Laser marking out the graphic not because ( Acid, alkali, high and low temperature, friction, time for a long time) And faded, and laser marking is no pollution, no noise and environmentally friendly processing equipment. People rose PCB laser marking machine is relatively than the traditional way of silk screen processing what are the disadvantages? Traditional way of silk screen processing is made good use of graphics screen, and then by external pressure make the ink through the mesh to printing on the surface of printed circuit board, but the way of small surface workpieces can't satisfy the requirement of printing, and silk screen on the identity of the rough, easy to rub off, easy to fall off, and the ink is a kind of chemical material, rather than for a long time in a piece of it is harmful to human body, for the environment pollution is also very big, now in many parts of the industrial park, are not allowed to use screen printing. People l PCB for laser marking machine and the people rise in PCB laser marking machine is very good to make up for the defects, preciseness, high flexibility, high price, and is to realize the assembly line production, so can not only improve the efficiency of production, also can reduce the cost of production, have a clean and comfortable working environment. Nowadays, the application of laser marking machine in the electronics industry is very broad.
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