The people rise information: where is the development direction of automatic laser welding machine?

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
Automatic and intelligent has become a contemporary line for constantly seeking industry consumption, automatic laser welding machine is also facing the tendency of the automation growth, spread it has used in industrial and consumer, then what are the advantages of it? Is now the automatic laser welding machine, deepening acquaintance automatic laser welding machine automatically classified and set equipped with deployment. Automatic laser welding machine is to weld a floorboard, it divided into two kind of arc and submerged arc? A couplet is arc, the welding technique to high consumption, high welding quality and is very stable. Arc extinguish under welding layer, little heat loss, so it can also be throttling material, to the country to advocate the low carbon requirements. When the welding craft small smoke, no arc, thus it can be useful to improve rest rest condition, high strength, at the same time make some submerged arc welding is less than the central it can weld freely, not laborious. There is submerged arc, the welding craft course of machine, the automation, is a modern welding craft the growth of the tension, it not only marks a higher welding consumption to listen to and better welding quality and have greatly improved the rest condition, consumption and efficient complete welding.
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