The people rise information: the use of ultraviolet laser marking machine diversification

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
Laser industry become the economic structure adjustment 'lowland', after grafting technology, laser in the steel industry, chemical industry, automobile and other industrial consumption has a broad market using laser processing has the characteristics of 'flexibility', and it combined with automatic, intelligent, will drive the innovation promotion of all manufacturing, the manufacturing process more efficient. China's manufacturing industry facing the transformation of the promotion, it is the transformation of the traditional processing technology to the laser processing technology. A laser mark beginning to use more and more close to life, special uv marking development can be repeatedly in recent years. Uv laser marking machine is component of ultraviolet laser indirect damage cohesive material atoms chemical bonds, this is known as 'cold' process approach does not occur to the core of the heating but indirect material separation into atoms. Uv laser processing disadvantage for many companies into the ultraviolet laser research and development, later as long as the export of laser, to today's domestic ultraviolet laser gradually replace exports, deepen to the processing of all walks of life. People's knowledge about the food and drug peace progress from time to time. Country in recent years about the peace of the food and drug monitoring is also from time to time with the tripod. Constantly since the products consumption date modification also can be applied to broad the people, a lot of food and drugs in the out of date and then again after the date down alter consumer market. The practice of small workshops also let many companies suffer from time. Uv laser marking machine in the use of food medicine hold industry make the food and drug consumption date cannot be altered. Not only to make the food and drug peace, also let consumer about consumer spending more trust. People up ultraviolet laser marking machine, adopts high quality uv laser light source, compared with the ordinary laser marking machine, uv side pump laser focused spot diameter smaller, marking effect more precision; According to infrared, pump, high absorptivity of metal to uv light, more appropriate fine marking on metal and glass data. A narrow pulse width of laser and data processing time is short, small heat effect, marking effect is more beautiful. Due to the characteristics of ultraviolet laser marking machine in special data precision marking, cutting, such as microfabrication cannot compare with other laser equipment. Uv laser marking machine can play mark mark have never indelible, just not badly damaged cannot destroy marking content objects appearance. And hit targets at the same time because the contact sign, so will not destroy the object itself. People rise in the consumption of laser marking machine, production line supply have accumulated rich experience, the international customer collaboration outside case without number, plus the company keep pace with The Times of innovative business philosophy, pay attention to details of consumption, every piece of equipment manufacturing from consumption to customer production line is to control all the way, strict quality control inspection specification, let customers worry about choice, set his mind at to consumption.
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