The people rise information: the trend of the development of portable laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
With the development of science and technology, people not only pursue high performance, simple light is needed. From small electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, big to home appliance, automobile, portable small has become a major industry necessary development. The same is true of laser equipment, with the maturing of laser science and technology, the application on the market is also more and more widely, now almost all over each big industry, however, the traditional machine equipment not only large volume, high cost, and also more strict to the requirement of technology, using it is difficult to meet the fast batch production, using a portable laser marking is conveniently. Portable laser marking machine is small in size, does not occupy a space, can easily in the car trunk and marking machine the size of the head as long as the hair dryer, so easy to carry. Although it is small in size, but it can do as many things, it has optical fiber laser marking machine with excellent performance, such as: marking speed and marking quality, cost-effective and so on. The portable laser marking can do what? The people rise laser below small make up just explain it for you. Food, this is one of the more common in people daily life, whether to eat or drink, on the outer packing can play on its unique LOGO LOGO manufacturer, production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting labels, bar code, specifications, production product introduction as well as the matters needing attention, etc. , portable laser marking machine can be completed. The serial number of each label in the mass production is different, just like our id CARDS, unique, this for other devices may be very troublesome, but in the eyes of the laser marking machine, it is not. Laser marking out the label clear, smooth, high precision, permanent, wiping out, indelible and other advantages, also looks more high-end grade, and the traditional technique is easy to wipe, rough surface. Portable laser marking machine is not only strong on the outer packing, above the same superior in other products. Such as: electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, etc, take the phone, for example, mobile phone back shell above need LOGO LOGO, product serial number, the name of the company, verify icon, product serial number, and so on to provide consumers to identify information, in this small following from the above need to figure out a pretty big LOGO of the company's brand, the need of all kinds of product information, random laser marking machine can reveal his advantage, laser marking machine is suitable for fine marking, marking machine number, clear, smooth, the advantages of the permanent cannot erase. From all kinds of signs, portable laser marking machine can easily finish, no matter what kind of material is both marking design, digital, bar code and qr code can perfect mark, high cost performance.
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