The people rise information: the method of laser marking machine full extension

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
Laser marking machine is now one of the world's more advanced laser equipment, with laser welding machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser machines, such as laser skill development is one kind of product. Laser marking machine is very widely, non-metal and metal top marking can use laser marking machine, so many manufacturers have begun to choose laser marking machine. How many customers in the choice of time will be asked to extend the laser marking machine stature? Let's answer. Laser need professional personnel for maintenance, otherwise easy to artificial damage. 1, equipment operators can often use black paper to check the laser output spot, once found flare phenomenon such as uneven or energy decline, should timely adjust the laser cavity, make sure that the laser output beam quality. Notice: this product belongs to the four types of laser equipment, strong direct laser irradiation can be severe damage to human skin, especially to make the eye blindness, debugging operations staff is necessary to have the knowledge of laser safety protection, work is necessary to carry on 1. 064 mm wavelength of special laser protective glasses. 2, it is necessary to pay attention to when strong laser direct exposure to the inflammable material such as wood fire happens, the debugging process must be put on the laser output light a absorption features outstanding black metal materials for beam end, avoid causing fire accident. Laser adjustment is necessary by through specialized training of personnel, or it will light path formed by the laser disorders or adjust damage to other components. 3 laser cooling, cooling water skills profile is to ensure the purity of the laser output power and laser focusing cavity stature of the key components in use should check once a week in circulating water conductivity, ensure its conductivity 30. 5 mw · cm, it is necessary to replace every month circulate in deionized water, fresh water conductivity 32 mw · cm is necessary. Observed at any time of ion exchange column in the cooling system of colour change, once found that the color of the resin in the exchange column into a dark brown or black, should immediately replace resin. 4, in order to ensure the normal operation condition of the laser has always been, have homework after two weeks, or stop using for a period of time, in the first deal with YAG rods, before starting the medium diaphragm and protect glass of lens in the optical path component view, concluded that the optical components without dust pollution, mildew and other anomalies, if you have the above phenomenon should be dealt with in a timely manner, to ensure that each optical component will not damage under strong laser irradiation.
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