The people rise information: the development trend of metal laser cutting machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
Nowadays, the development of manufacturing industry is very fast, in the metal industry, metal laser cutting machine to become an indispensable part of. In recent years, metal laser cutting machine in the metal processing industry, to a certain extent, metal laser cutting machine can represent the development trend of cutting and other industries. The metal laser cutting machine has those advantages can develop so quickly? Then follow people liters laser small make up together and see it. Metal laser cutting machine market potential is very large, begin from 2017, industrial 4. 0, 2025, intelligent manufacture and so on made in China word frequently appear in the eyes of the public, these words give us communicate an important signal, that is for China to develop the manufacturing industry. Machine tool can be said to be the industry of machine tool, and each big industry have not shed joint relations. Because of the development of manufacturing, laser cutting machine of upstream and downstream enterprises are ushered in the great development opportunities, also brought huge market for machine tools, including the development of metal laser cutting machine is significant. In recent years, the development of the metal laser cutting machine has continued to grow, 2017, compared with 2016 increased by 7. 7%. And our country's electronic, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace and other industries have a jade development stage and the market demand for the metal laser cutting machine also will continue to grow, so the metal laser cutting machine will still keep in the future, the growth of the future development space of the laser cutting machine will be more big. And the country to develop manufacturing industry, policy support, brought the good development environment to metal laser cutting machine, there are a lot of policy in 2017 was named development machine tool industry. Released in early 2017 national ministry of industry and the industry of the national new industrialization demonstration base of 2017 work key point of explicitly pointed out that to rely on national demonstration base, play 10 areas, including high-end CNC machine tools, important role in the field of 'four base'. The several opinions about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry under the State Council to focus on the development of the Chinese in the future are put forward also 16 major technical equipment field. In these policies, whether explicitly points out that the development of machine tool industry, or the development of machine tools such as industrial robots, ship, rail transit downstream industries, and is very beneficial to the development of machine tools. Policy support for the machine tool industry to create a good environment for development. And the advantage of the machine tool industry, no doubt, is also the development of metal cutting machine tool. Wide scope of application of metal laser cutting machine, and their competitive advantage is obvious. According to forward-looking industry institute of sorting data, the distribution of metal laser cutting machine in the global machine tool products accounted for more than fifty percent, so the foreseeable application universality. However, the application of metal laser cutting machine is indeed a very broad, big to the aerospace industry, small to 3 c electronics industry has its figure, its wide application to the metal laser cutting machine are of great market. Fluctuations in a single industry is rarely a big impact to its, this feature for the metal cutting machine tools the strong market competitiveness, so that it can adjust their own according to the development of downstream products targeted, to maintain the advantages of its own. Downstream market demand, the policy environment is good, its application range is very wide, these advantages make metal laser cutting machine is a big development space. If the metal cutting machine tool can raise the level of technology in our country, to better adapt to market demand, believe in the development of the future will be better and better.
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