The people rise information: the classification and the working principle of co2 laser

by:cycjet     2020-08-04
Co2 laser is developed by bell LABS in 1964, co2 laser is an ancient technology, its wavelength is 10. 6μm。 Although co2 laser has been used for decades, but the efficiency of the co2 laser with unique, so in the current market is booming, especially in laser cutting, welding, drilling and surface treatment, etc. Many natural materials and synthetic materials in 9 ~ 12 mu m has a strong absorption peak, which happens to be the output of the co2 laser wavelength of band, for the co2 laser in the field of material processing and spectral analysis provides a lot of opportunities, this band is also included in the atmospheric transmission window, thus is also a lot of choice of sensor and application range. The traditional co2 laser is produced by mixed gas containing co2 molecules formed by the gas discharge. Because the molecular vibration and rotational energy levels are very close, co2 molecules produced by the transition between these energy levels compared with visible and near-infrared light photons, lower energy, the longer wavelength. For a laser marking machine, laser is the soul of the whole machine, laser quality decided to a laser marking machine product quality and the service life of laser marking machine. The movement principle of co2 laser, laser from laser is a kind of molecule. The main material is co2 molecules. It can be a variety of energy states that depends on the vibration and rotation of form. The energy of the basic network as shown in figure 1. In the co2 gas mixture is caused by the electronic release of low pressure gas ( Usually 30 - 50) Formation of a plasma ( Plasma) 。 Such as maxwell - Boltzmann distribution law puts it, in plasma, the molecules present many excited state. Some can present a high ( 00 o1群) Its performance is asymmetric swing state. When the collisions with cavity wall or send out naturally, the molecule will also be accidental loss of energy. Through natural shine this high-energy state will fall to the symmetrical swing form ( 10 o0) And emit may spread to any direction of photons ( A wavelength 10. 6 microns beam) 。 Occasionally, the photons of a transmission down along the optical axis of the lumen will also be in resonance oscillation in the mirror. Co2 laser species: mainly co2 laser is divided into two kinds, the first way is based on automatic processing natural diffusion heat to the pipe wall, operation principle is sealed and slow axial flow laser. The second is based on the gas forced convection, its operation principle is fast axial flow laser, other categories such as: canned axial flow or no flow and slow, fast axial flow, rapid lateral flow, lateral excitation atmosphere ( 茶) 。 Seal or no flow co2 laser is usually to be used for the beam deflection laser marking, TEAco2 laser is usually used in housing production. Pump power supply: CWco2 laser there are three main ways to power a pump. For example: direct current ( DC) , high frequency, HF) , radio frequency ( RF) 。 Dc power supply design simple, in the high frequency power supply type electronic 20 - in frequency Alternating between 50000 hz. High frequency power supply and dc, close in size and high efficiency, rf power electronics in frequency alternating between 2 to 100 MHZ, compared with direct current, the voltage and the efficiency is low.
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