The people rise information: the application of UV ultraviolet laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-04
UV ultraviolet laser marking machine has the irreplaceable advantages in mass production, not other UV laser marking function comparison, the people rise in light brand way to apply to all kinds of laser marking, laser marking mild can basically meet the demand of current industrial production and life. Many commodities are UV layer at present stage, if needed in the above typing number 2 yards only three words such as images, we need the UV laser marking machine, this kind of equipment in top up the font, etc. , will not be erased easily, can generate logo for a long time, the effect is very good, compare with general laser marking machine, mark mild superiority also depends on the play does not have a hand feeling, and printed is no difference. People rose to pay the logo on the light present in UV have a few goods, ultraviolet laser marking machine, UV ultraviolet laser marking machine, etc. Can complete logo on UV layer goods, after the identification of mild or very significantly. Industrial production tends to adopt UV ultraviolet laser marking machine. Its primary advantage summarized as follows: 1, can generate permanent identity UV ultraviolet laser marking machine is a kind of not consumable non-contact identification, identification steps and commodities generate permanent identity, physics and chemistry change after the logo can't be erased. Visible, feels no hand feeling, smooth feeling is very good, touching the water will not be erased, not sedulous scrape the surface layer generally will not appear fuzzy phenomenon. 2, identify very fast UV ultraviolet laser marking machine marking speed is generally 7000 mm/s logo is complete, a mobile charger parameters took less than 1 minute will be able to finish the whole logo, if have 2 yards of commodity barcodes will need only a little bit of time to long, general speed of laser marking and laser marking content, qualitative material is related to goods, in order to let customers have a better experience, we usually build meaning proofing after confirmation jiao if appropriate. UV ultraviolet laser marking function on uneven surface or circular laser marking label, computer operation, convenient laser marking content writing change, compatible with the mainstream image file format. Laser marking is convenient, can use pedal necessary to establish semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly line coordinate lines marking laser marking. Shenzhen citizen liters laser equipment co. , LTD. Is China specialized in laser equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Company headquarters is located in high-tech enterprise gathering place - - - - - - - Longgang district of shenzhen city, guangdong province. People rose give light at the Chinese Academy of Sciences gives optoelectronic member of optical research institute under the guidance of experts and professors, and a number of field coco study, with the help of technical personnel and experts dedicated to overcome a number of laser equipment manufacturing technology. Company established a perfect quality control and after-sales service system, on the basis of high-tech, high quality, to provide users with high-quality, comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical support and maintenance services.
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