The people rise information: plastic laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
People up information: plastic laser marking machine style which has been widely applied on the market or plastic laser marking machine, it is essential to our daily life and a kind of material, packaging or daily use can use laser marking machine can on plastic logo graphic, logo, qr code, bar code data, product information, production date, etc. Plastic laser marking sample absorption features of adaptation: laser is used to play mark is usually produced by the infrared wavelength range of radiation. Green laser and ultraviolet laser is for plastic box of semiconductor materials. In the applications of laser engraving machine special marking, using UV wavelength, created the laser mark on the plastic new possibilities. Short wavelength and plastic composites to produce photochemical reaction directly, without heating, thus no material damage; Laser marking machine in the plastic industry has played an irreplaceable role now! Precision marking: as well as metal marking machine, also has the very good ability to focus, therefore very suitable for fine marking the laser marking machine has the very high beam quality, make the marking in the process of laser beam's focus for small diameter. In this way, can achieve little on the small parts to nano precision marking track width. Plastic laser marking sample from the point of the present processing technology, plastic laser target potential applications also did not play out, and the raising of the laser laser marking machine in addition to the above several benefits, also trying to develop new applications in the industry of plastic laser marking field, plastic laser marking machine not only faster, delicate clear, strong anti-fake effect, permanent, or full of no pollution, no noise, no consumables laser equipment, it is the majority of processing enterprises.
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