The people rise information: ordinary automatic laser cutting machine equipment what to distinguish

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
An automatic laser cutting machine, the common equipment model how to distinguish between 1 and processed to have different types of better classification, CNC laser cutting machine metal and nonmetal CNC laser cutting machine. Laser accessories application people rising volume density of laser beam heating workpiece, make temperature rising rapidly, in very short time reached the boiling point of the information, data beginning vaporization, constitute a vapor. Laser accessories and laser welding, laser cutting, etc. Series of products structure. 2, is based on the laser light source to stop dividing, there are distinctions, such as laser cutting machine, laser marking machine this class and its common use to pick from the type of CO2 laser tube, and laser marking machine laser carve machine with CO2, but called for radio frequency ( RF) Tube. Laser accessories market leader, lay in the industry have a certain visibility. Laser accessories and laser welding, laser cutting, etc. Series of products structure. 3, if be more can be divided according to the cutting data more professional, for example, stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Laser cutting machine, carbon ( C) Laser cutting machine, steel, aluminum, Al) Laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, copper alloy ( 合金) Steel laser cutting machine, and so on. 4, general may, in accordance with regional division, so positioning, wuhan laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine in Shanghai, guangzhou laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, zhejiang, etc. Accessories YAG laser, light, side pump, the pump, optical fiber, and CO2 marking machine for all series. 5, and some is divided by manufacturer brand name, such as Wu Hanmin litres of laser cutting machine is so named, MS - 301 ( For the redirection) 6, MS means people rise, 3015 is wide, 3000 mm * 1500 mm size. Second, the high power ( 高- - - - - - 权力) ( Refers to the object within unit time how much of the work done) Laser cutting machine has what function? Ordinary is compared big, the dimension of a high-power laser cutting machine power is big different compare with, the choice and laser laser must choose the international big companies, due to the small company laser from some large companies sell to there, so or indirectly find big company purchase analogy is appropriate. And the power can reach 1000 w, 2200 w, 3000 w, these are all can choose, sensitive than kilowatts of power after cutting sheet metal materials, has the task of 2000 mm * 4000 mm, 2000 * 6000 large task is more, if the customer needs, but also can be tailor-made, high speed fluctuation flying light path that is indispensable, full of intelligent numerical control panel, and the processing speed quickly, this precision ( Accuracy) Is also relatively can reach your request, cutting, marking, positioning, punching, drilling, hole which can be sensitive, carbon steel, alloy steel, 优质合金钢) , manganese, 锰) Steel, stainless steel and so on are not result, a large number of difficult, 困难) Plate cutting result treatment scheme, is the consumer ( 生产) L laser capable of good helper, people not only can reach above all requirements, more can succeed in service. 3, metal laser cutting machine can be used to what category? Metal laser cutting machine is used currently is very common, include ( Referring to include everything) A lot of industry, and is a lot of enterprises must be one of the necessary equipment, including advertising signs manufacturing ( These secondary are stainless steel LOGO and LOGO cut) , sheet metal processing ( Sheet metal processing contains fundamental all metal material, the secondary is ordinary bending, grinding, such as cutting is one of important procedure) , chassis cabinets manufacturing ( This aspect common to stainless steel, carbon steel may be useful are secondary bending and cutting two cutting process) The spring ( huáng) ( 春天) ( To finish machining process) Parts, subway, elevator shell manufacturing, machinery and equipment shell, kitchen utensils, Mostly in the stainless steel) 。 Four, pipe public characteristics of laser cutting machine? Pipe public the use of a laser cutting machine is first of all, of course, the secondary cutting metal pipe material, is in circular tube and square tube cutting circular, punching, and even the whole root tube can be stop cutting processing to do all the other specific USES, such as chimney ( cōng) Other aspects, such as arts and crafts, but also for example. The tubing laser cutting machine, the people up a professional pipe laser laser cutting machine, with omni-directional plane fixture, and more exercise at the same time. Below the coffin can be in arbitrary direction, different point of view, all kinds of the diameter of the information below to stop cutting processing, and cutting oblique cutting surface, the territory of information graphics can be willfully. Five, the laser can ordinary cutting processing what information? The launcher secondary in laser cutting machine can be classified as solid state laser, gas laser, semiconductor ( 半导体) Laser, etc. , and is the actual liquid laser now phase, not spending consumer use. And small power laser is match is difficult to determine which one in detail, because the power is too small, so the cutting processing can be compare with thin materials, for example, have wood, wood, cloth, textile, plastic, leather, paper CARDS, such as solid state laser is processing metal, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
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