The people rise information: marking qr code should choose what kind of laser marking machine?

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
Qr code is the product of information age, information, including the amount, the characteristics of safe, reliable, convenient quickly become the darling of the market, replacing the traditional string, bar code, especially in daily life and industrial use play a crucial role in consumption, yield and quality for quantity important load tracking and traceability. When the carve of qr code in laser marking technology, the chemical effect quickly, for product traceability peace, strong rise of a new level. The principle of laser marking technology is a high energy laser beam irradiation to the appearance of workpiece, suddenly a gasification constitute a qr code, non-contact processing, the workpiece is small, the influence of mark qr code has irreversible effect, has the characteristic of the eternal. So when customers have a qr code marking requirements, in the process of seeking treatment scheme will have a lot of questions, t&p silver electric lists clients often asked, late help customers choose and buy equipment models. Can laser mark qr code in a material such as stainless steel can marking, need more power, and so on. Laser marking machine of secondary vibration with laser, mirror, industrial computer, software, cabinet of several large local, different materials selection of laser is different. Infrared optical fiber (nanosecond laser 1064海里) Qr code, metal products for the secondary USES infrared fiber laser, the types of products including stainless steel, steel, cast iron, etc. Leather, fabric, PCB products such as secondary USES is CO2 laser, based on features of information industry will be divided into the infrared CO2 laser of 10640 nm and 935 nm. Maintenance in some bright material such as glass, PET film, PVC and other materials last time to adopt the ultraviolet laser. And adjustable qr code is used in the glass is green laser, currently on the market of the green laser play mark capital and effect in use is not widespread. And qr code on some very high accuracy laser marking conditions, can also stop using picosecond laser marking, for example, some hidden invisible to the naked eye of qr code, size, as long as 0. 12x0。 12 mm are usually demand through the narrow mirror to see. To sum up, each kind of information isn't fixed and can only use a light source to do it, for example, metal materials CO2 / uv laser marking machine can mark below qr code, but the price of the infrared fiber laser capital more expensive, faster and better, so qr code laser marking needs to choose the suitable light source to do it. Qr code can marking? Marking out the high recognition rate is not high? Here under the first to say QR code code system, in the system of our factory code is usually divided into DM code and QR code, the QR code is our rare QR code, is a mobile phone can read, is a kind of common international standard code, appearance looks a bit like a three back words, so also often called back yards. And DM code is a code system of Europe and the United Kingdom general, in the international mobile phone is not readable, demand with professional barcode gun camera may read. And on the basis of the raising of the laser test, the present stage of barcode gun used in the industry, when the size of the qr code is less than 2 x2mm, read rate will not guarantee to 100%, so ordinary, we would advise customer if there is no limit to the objective conditions under the condition of introducing the laser logo above 2 x2mm qr code. About less than 2 x2mm the following barcodes and read our general USES a camera reads, talent enough to guarantee the read rate of 100%. Normal conditions above 2 x2mm barcode gun within 30 gun read rate of 100%. The qr code can do much, for the moment the people rise of nanosecond laser light source minimum can be 0. 8x0。 The size of 8 mm, can include to 16. On the round object can mark qr code? Laser marking requirements artifacts in the process of qr code on the laser focus position talents mark clear beautiful qr code and logo on the cylinder qr code to look at the size of the radian of the cylinder and the qr code. Say is 4 mm diameter cylinder on the size of the logo 1 x1mm qr code, then the curve is no result. If want to 10 mm in diameter of the cylinder on the logo size 5 x5mm qr code may be irregular radians logo on the qr code, then a local position in focal form, common galvanometer cannot sign, this time need use 3 d vibrating mirror flags. Total speaking can also be a logo on the cylinder qr code, just according to the practice condition using common galvanometer or 3 d vibrating mirror. Laser marking machine marking machine processing speed of qr code? Can you keep up with the speed of production line? There are many factors of laser marking speed resolution, secondary see configuration, software, and the laser galvanometer, usually situation, common galvanometer speed is less than 7 m/s, using some high quality software and high-speed galvanometer can do more than 7 m/s speed. Now on the market of qr code once can cooperate line marking flight.
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