The people rise information: leather laser marking factory house which good?

by:cycjet     2020-07-31
The people rise information: leather laser marking factory house which good? With the continuous development of national economy, people are rich, for daily life-food lines had the higher request. No longer like clothes, like as long as the quality is very good, warm, now more is the pursuit of fashionable feeling, and the leather is one of the most popular with clothing market materials, leather products in the development towards the direction of the vogue, high-end, diversification, in order to make the leather products manufactured so not drab, manufacturers in leather carving above will be all kinds of carving patterns, text, or even do wait for all sorts of tricks to increase customer's desire. Leather products on the market at present basically is to use laser marking machine to carry on the processing of leather products are using co2 laser marking machine, laser marking machine is leather, made by laser of high energy laser beam irradiation materials surface makes it dissolves or gasification, by controlling the laser path, thus in the material above the formation of a set of patterns or text. Leather laser marking machine is compared with the traditional processing way, the leather of the laser marking machine speed, high precision, no consumables, no mold, can be arbitrary replacement of pictures and words, etc. , and no pollution, no noise, safe environmental protection, can greatly reduce the cost of production. With the rapid development of the leather market, the market demand for leather laser marking machine is becoming more and more big, so all kinds of laser marking vendors would have mushroomed, and flourish everywhere. It will let the customer is very confused, what a good equipment after all? Purchase equipment is mainly care about is the problem of equipment quality, price, after-sales service, but the market demand quantity is large, lead to laser marking machine market chaos, the price of the product quality is uneven, laser marking for leather factory house which is good, how should choose? The people rise laser to tell you about. So how to choose laser marking vendors would? First of all, we want to know your product, materials, etc. , and then choose larger scale, market reputation of good manufacturer, the manufacturer of such poor quality will surely not, then you can take the product material field visit to the factory, can live for laser marking vendors would see the effect of sample, and then the laser marking machine configuration, lifespan and after-sales service, these are very important, especially in after-sales service.
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