The people rise information: laser welding machine operating skills

by:cycjet     2020-07-31
Believe a lot of people have heard of 'function' this sentence! For something or equipment, more understand familiar with will have own a set of method, this method can also call it skills. Strange, operation as well as about the laser welding machine is skilled, so what is the laser welding machine operating skills? Laser welding machine operating skills: fiber laser welding function to ensure the continuous laser at a normal task to task 2 weeks later, in the first before starting the YAG rods, medium diaphragm and lens, the light component in the road stop to reflect on, make sure that the optical components without dust purification, mildew and other abnormal, should be timely stop disposal, ensure each optical component will not damage under strong laser irradiation. When strong laser indirect exposure to wood and other inflammable fire happens, the debugging process must be placed on the laser input light absorption function good black metal materials for a beam end, prevent fire accidents. Note: the relief of laser must be stopped by specially trained personnel, otherwise it will light path formed by the laser disorders or adjust the destruction of the other components. And cooling water is to guarantee the purity of the laser input efficiency and focusing laser cavity component life key, in use should reflect every week in the circulating water conductivity, ensure its conductivity 30. 5MW? Circulate in cm, must change once a month of deionized water, fresh water conductivity must be 32 mw? cm。 Observed at any time in the cooling system of the color change of the ion exchange column, once found that the color of the resin in exchange column into a dark brown or black, should immediately change resin.
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